Fun Activities for Couples that Take No Planning

At a glance: 10 really fun activities for couples who don’t have the time or energy to plan time together.

I miss getting excited about going to the hardware store.

Before kids and solid family routines, we went to the hardware store.

Just because.

We probably needed something. The trip was most likely a chore. But it was also fun.

Hubby is very silly which has always made shopping with him fun.

It’s been a really long time since we’ve gone to the hardware store just because…

And I think we need to start adding in more fun couple activities.

Having fun always makes me lighten up a bit. And lightening up makes me feel better about me.

You see having fun with my husband isn’t just about strengthening our marriage.

It’s about strengthening me. It’s about bringing forward a piece of me that works along with everything else to make me the person I am.

It’s about building my confidence.

Because building my confidence helps me enjoy my life more. It helps me be a better wife and be a better mother.

I miss having fun with my husband. Which makes me dream of date nights and romantic weekends.

But then…

I know who will be doing the planning.

I know who will do the prepping and scheduling.

And quite honestly I don’t need ONE MORE thing to plan.

Even though I know how important it is for us and for me. I just don’t have it in me to set up one more thing.

That is why the list below is so very important.

It’s full of fun activities for couples that we can do together right now (like going to the hardware store just because).

No planning. No prepping. No extra work.

Just quick and easy ways to connect with the couple we used to be.

Fun Activities for Couples

Fun Activities for Couples that take No Planning

  1. Visit an online art gallery. Do a quick Google search of online art galleries. You’ll be able to look at art pieces from all over the world while snuggled up on the couch together.
  2. Do dishes. Remember when even chores were fun because you did them together? Pick a chore and add a little something extra. Turn on some music or add extra bubbles to the dishwater.
  3. Play. Pick one of the toys laying around the house and just play. If you are feeling active, hop on the trampoline. If you want to be more relaxed try building with LEGO.
  4. Take a shower… who cares if you really need one!
  5. Learn something together. This is a place where my planning brain goes into overdrive and then a great idea turns into a “never happens idea”. Pick something small that you can do right now. Learn a dance move or how to sketch a dog. You can pretty much find anything you want to learn on Youtube.
  6. Visit the other side. What has he been dying to get you involved in? Join him for the evening… even if RC cars in the backyard isn’t your thing. You’ll have fun playing along and maybe even start to understand his excitement.
  7. Turn it all off. It takes no work and no planning to head to bed early. Turn off the lights, the devices, the TV, the day… just be.
  8. Get out the cards. Play an old favorite or learn something new. (We love Golf for something short and fun.)
  9. Finish something. Is there something on either one of your to-do lists that is less than fun? Do it together, that will cut the time in half AND make it a little more bearable.
  10. Plan something. Hee hee… see what I did there? You don’t need a plan to make a plan. Just decide to sit together and plan something. Your next vacation, the next part of the house to clean out, a fun project to work on, a fun thing to learn together.

Connecting with your love can be as simple as adding in a few really fun activities for couples.

But if date night is what you’re looking for…

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