Romantic Mini Date Ideas that can Happen in Front of the Kids

At a glance: Marriage is priority number one… until there are kids. Slowly marriage moves down the list until it’s hard to remember how to even make it a priority. This post has 16 romantic date ideas for married couples at home to help make reconnecting easy.

The house was suddenly calm. There was a quiet murmur that let us know the kids were really into what they were doing.

Our eyes met and a sneaky smile hit his lips.

Tiptoeing off to grab this opportunity for alone time, we giggled. So proud of ourselves for taking advantage of this spontaneous moment.

Did we really just stumble upon a quick romantic moment?

Just as I settled my head on his chest and took a long deep breath…

“EWWW! Why do always have to hug for so long?”

Because the truth is, we are never actually alone. Someone is always seconds away from walking in.

Finding time to connect romantically when we are never alone is hard!

It’s so hard…

it almost feels impossible…

and sometimes it feels almost pointless to try.

But then he smiles.

That smile reminds me that our marriage is really, really important. It’s the foundation of this entire family. When it’s strong and happy, everything else is easier.

romantic date ideas for married couples at home

I’ve shared ideas for date nights at home before. There are some awesome ideas in that post and we’ve tried a lot of them… but most of them require the kids to be in bed or away from home.

The list that follows assumes that your attention is split between your romantic mini date and your kids. Doesn’t that make it sound a little more doable?

Let this list inspire you…

then share your own romantic mini date ideas in the comments.

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Romantic Date Ideas for Married Couples at Home

  • Have a flirty text conversation. The beautiful thing about texting is that no one even knows you’re doing it. You can have an entire romantic conversation right in front of the kids… they’ll never know.
  • Switch up movie night. Let the kids have the living room, while you two watch a movie in your room. Make sure they have plenty of snacks and drinks. You might even leave them with a way to “call” you if they need something. That way you can be sure no one will wander in unexpectedly.
  • Set your alarm for an hour earlier than you need to (I saw that eye roll 😉 and I get it. I like my sleep too, but you can miss an hour once in a while.) Snuggle and chat quietly. It is a really fun way to start the day off connected.
  •  Snap some selfies. Pick a day and take as many couple selfies as you can. The kids can even get involved and take some for you.
  • Write love notes. End each note with a question to keep the fun going. Try not to get caught passing them back and forth for a little-added silliness.
  • Spend some time collecting songs for each other. Make a playlist that you can share, when your alone together, with the family or even apart and thinking of each other.
  • Come up with a few code words. Then add in a little “dirty talk” in normal conversation, you’ll giggle and no one will know why.
  • Take the family to a neighborhood park. Let the kids play on the playground while you walk around it. You will be close enough to see them, but far enough to be able to talk privately.
  • Pull from the past. Think back to before kids, what simple things brought you together? Was it cleaning, cooking or working in the yard? Try adding one thing in every couple of weeks or so, just as a way to remember the early connection.
  • Do a dressy dinner night for the family. Serve something very easy (or delivered) and set a beautiful table. Have everyone arrive dressed to impress. The kids will have a ton of fun, but the two of you will be looking right at each other.
  • Add a surprise to something your spouse does every day. If he packs his lunch, sneak in his favorite candy bar. If she does the dishes in the evening, light a few candles and put on some relaxing music for her.
  • Share memories. You can do this right in front of the kids… just make sure to stop before any of the memories get too juicy. Hee hee.
  • Make it a game. Who can find the most quiet moments to sneak away for a quick kiss?
  • Set up a patio mini date. Add blankets, a candle or two and some music. Have it ready to go for when the kids are in bed. Even if you only get 15 minutes together, the mood will help you jump right into relaxing together.
  • Have a device-free time set up. Do this weekly or daily, but make sure you both know when it is. You might be surprised how much romantic connecting happens naturally when the phones are removed.
  • Touch each other. A foot rub or holding hands is innocent enough to do while everyone else is in the room. But it’s personal enough that it connects you in a romantic way.

If you do decide you’d like to get some alone time, these 8 tips for Finding a Trustworthy Babysitter will help with that.

This post is part of a special marriage series. 12 Creative Date Ideas for Busy Parents was created to inspire tired and busy moms to be intentional and carve out time to nurture our marriages. 

Romantic Mini Date Ideas for Married Couples at Home

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