Easy Christmas Science Experiment with Candy Canes

What happens when I tell my kids that we are going to do a Christmas science experiment? They start out by listening to my idea.

They usually nod and tell me what a great idea it is. Then they take my entire plan and toss it out the window… of course.

I bought candy canes with the intention of melting them in the oven; that sounds fun, right?!?!

These candy canes didn’t make it that far, and boy am I glad. M and M’s Christmas science experiment was way cooler (and easier) than mine would have been. We like cool, and we like easy. So there you have it, win-win.

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christmas science experiment using candy canes -- so simple!

Candy Cane Christmas Science Experiment

All you need for this easy science experiment is six candy canes and three cups of water. (Make sure the cups are see-through, you want to be able to see what’s happening inside.)

Big M filled one cup with water and added ice. Little M filled one cup with room temperature water. I filled one cup with boiling water.

christmas science experiment using candy canes -- so simple!

We dropped two broken-up candy canes into each cup and then sat back and watched. (PS Those adorable earmuffs are just for looks, I promise our house isn’t freezing. 🙂 )

Tips for Christmas science fun:

  • Talk about what you and your little one think will happen. (After the experiment talk about how close your guesses were to what actually happened.)
  • Ask questions about the similarities and differences in the cups.
  • Leave the cups out for an hour to see what happens.
  • How could you modify this experiment? Ask your kids… I bet they have a great idea!

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This post originally appeared December 10, 2013.


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