Solving the Summer Birthdays Problem

If you have a summer birthday, or a kid with a summer birthday, you know they come with a few challenges. Friends gone on vacation and not having direct contact to classmates are two big challenges!

I’ve rounded up some tips from other parents who have figured out how to make summer birthdays special! The theme that I see running through all of these tips? Flexibility!

If you have experience with summer birthdays, you know they come with a few challenges. Friends gone on vacation and not having direct contact to classmates are two big ones!

Making Summer Birthdays Special

“My son’s birthday is at the end of June so we decided to celebrate at the end of May (one week before school is out). That way he will have a party with his friends a little early and we will have a family get together on his actual date of birth.” – Jasmina

“This year we did a 1/2 birthday at school – cookies at lunch.” – Sara

“We’ve done early and late birthdays. My boys actually love that they aren’t restricted by the date. They have more flexibility in the kind of celebration.” – Mia

“My birthday is on July 31 and when I was little I always had a party with my family members on my birthday and one with my school friends the last weekend of the holidays, just before going back to school, when my friends were home again.” – Maria

“We usually celebrate summer birthdays, after all the kids have returned to school. It’s a great ice-breaker, especially if they’ve just started a new class, and we as parents get to meet all the new mum’s and dads, too.” – Sarah

“I was the kid with the summer birthday and inevitably all my friends had gone away by the time it rolled around. My parents solved the problem by leaving for the cottage on my birthday each year. Best of all for us – they would allow my brother and I to stay up as late as we wanted before we left at 2am. Brilliant, when I think about it from the perspective of traveling with children, but it was a treat (along with the stop for a middle of the night doughnut and hot chocolate) that we looked forward to all year!” – Erin

“We have a friend birthday party before school ends. Then a small family activity of his choice to celebrate the actual day.” – Ashley

“For the younger ones, teachers will often let them celebrate summer birthdays with the class during the last few weeks of school.” – Mia

“My daughter’s birthday is also in August. I’ve decided to send out save the date invites before school ends. I know it works for weddings so hopefully it’ll work for her b-day!” – Tori

How do you handle summer birthdays? Add your tips in the comments. 

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