sleepover food ideas: easy, yummy and fun!

One of the fun things we planned for our special sleepover was fun sleepover food.  I made a list of perfect sleepover food ideas and let the kids pick. They did a great job choosing and we had a great time making and (eating) these yummy treats.


Sleepover food ideas – Make Your Own Biscuit Pizzas

what you need
refrigerated biscuits
pizza sauce
olives (or other easy toppings)

sleepover food ideas - easy and fun!

We gave each of the kids 3 flattened biscuits (of course you could use homemade biscuits but since it’s a sleep over… simplicity is key). They scooped some sauce and spread it around. Sprinkled on some cheese and piled on some toppings.

sleepover food ideas - easy and fun!

Even our youngest house guest was able to participate. Making sure that everyone can join in is very important for a sleepover!

fun and easy sleepover food ideas

All that was left was to heat them up… and eat them up!

sleepover food ideas that rock
Of course you can’t have super fun sleepover without a supper yummy dessert!

Sleepover food ideas – Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae

what you need
ice cream
whipped cream
fruit loops
chocolate syrup

sleepover food ideas - easy and fun!

After smashing up some fruit loops and peanuts I set out bowls for the kids to prepare their own sundae. Setting all of the goodies out in pretty bowls and cups added to the fun.

ice cream bar - great sleepover food idea!

Yum, yum… YUMMY!

What sleep over food do you like the best?

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  1. I like to order pizza, but make fully loaded nachos, then do decorate your own cupcakes (we usually do sleepovers for birthday parties) and make your own sundaes(same toppings bar). We also always rent a movie to watch while eating the first two. Tacos always work well too…

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