Spy Party Games – The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags

When Hubby and I sat down to start planning spy party games for Little M we had two things in mind. We wanted the party to be really, really cool! We also wanted it to be simple. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money and neither one of us has a lot of extra time. This spy party was just going to have to come together quickly (and on the cheap side) there was no way around it.

The spy party invitations had already gone out and we knew this party called for a secret spy mission. After a little brainstorming we came up with the perfect plan…

The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags – Spy Party Games

I’ll take you through the case and share our spy party games along the way. Are you ready?

the case of the missing goodie bags. simple spy party games!

We gathered all of the kids in the corner of the yard. I was about to tell them all about the games when Special Agent Daddy ran up. (Yes, Hubby and I are fully committed to fun. We dressed up as special agents… who else would lead the spy games?) He was carrying a folder marked SECRET. As he whispered in my ear I made faces of concern and dread.

Parent tips –

  • The folder was actually empty.
  • Of course this interruption was the plan all along.
  • We blocked all the games until we were ready to start.

Spy Party Game #1 -- Laser Maze (and collect a clue)

This is when we let them in on the mission. Someone had taken the goodie bags!!! Oh no! What ever would we do? Luckily we had a group of super spies ready to follow our lead! First up, the laser maze. Each spy took a turn carefully weaving through the maze. They were instructed to find one clue and bring it out with them.

Parent tips –

  • Hubby maaaay have forgotten about the simple rule and gotten a little carried away with the laser maze. Sure you can use wood to stake down huge pieces of cardboard and then thread through yarn to create a free standing maze… OR you can make a maze by simply adding yarn to an area that already exists. Here are some ideas: use a hallway, use furniture or use trees if you have them!
  • We used clothes pins to attach the clues to the maze.

Target Practice as a Spy Party game. Lots of great party ideas

Once everyone was through the course we headed to the shooting gallery. Each spy received a clue when they successfully hit the target.

Parent tips –

  • I traced M and M before the party to make a body shape on black poster board. Then I taped it to a window for the kids to aim at. EASY!
  • We used Nerf guns with suction cups on the tip. Any gun or shooter would work… maybe even water balloons?

And that my friends is all I have for you today. I know, I know! How can I do this to you? Well I just can’t let this post get any longer. So stay tuned for Spy Party Games – The Case of the Missing Goodie Bags Part 2… you’ll find out what what our last two spy party games were, get a print out of the clues we used and see our adorable goodie bags. EEK!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the laser maze!!! My soon-to-be 7 year old wants a Lego Secret Agents party, so this is IN!! You are my hero :-). I can’t wait to hear about the last two party games!!!

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