5 Educational Shows for Kids that Let Me Feel Good About TV

Screen time is a pretty sensitive topic, even around here where we have a good screen time routine set up. There are days that I just have to let the kids watch TV for longer periods than normal and I can’t let myself feel guilty about it. Keeping a few things in perspective helps; we don’t have these days very often, I really do use that time effectively and I offer educational shows. That last one works best if they actually like the educational kids’ shows. 😉 With that in mind I’ve rounded up 5 educational shows for kids that will give you the Mommy break you need… guilt free! YAY!


Educational Shows for Younger Kids

Monster Math Squad – Adorable and funny! The Monster Math Squad is fun and silly while they explore math concepts like counting, measuring, sorting, shapes, and patterns.

Bo on the Go – Bo on the Go is all about getting kids to move. In the beginning minutes of the show, Bo has kids clear a space (their “Bo Zone”) in front of the TV so they can move safely. Movement is tied into a fun story with Bo and her fun dragon Dezzy.

Educational Shows for Older Kids

Boyd Matson’s Wild Chronicles – Boyd Matson reports on scientific discoveries, adventures and nature from all over the world. I especially love the way the show highlights the scientific research behind the information he is sharing. I love that Big M was able to see the research lab in Central Africa and hear the scientist talk about what his discoveries mean.

Why What Where – Why What Where takes kids’ natural tendency to question everything and finds answers. The show is engaging and covers topics like sports, science and culture. Questions like “Have you ever wondered why the sun is hot?” and “Do you know where your food comes from?” are not only fun but give the kids something to teach us over dinner. 😉

Underwater World For Kids – Underwater World for Kids explores coral reefs, hidden treasures, sea life and sunken ships. Perfect for kids who love to learn about the ocean. (This one might have me joining in… sunken ships? That sounds cool.)

Kidoodle.TV educational shows for kids

All of these shows can be found on Kidoodle.TV. We’ve had so much fun trying it out. There are so many things to love.

  • Kidoodle.TV is a service that allows kids to watch TV from anywhere.  Kidoodle.TV can be watched on many different devices.
  • Parents get a special pass code for the Parents Room control area. AWESOME!
  • Each kid gets their own profile. Great for multiple ages because you can set up and edit each profile to include shows for their age. When they click into their personal profile, they are only offered shows that their parents have placed there!
  • Parents select viewing time. Kidoodle.TV automatically enforces the limit.
  • Kidoodle.TV is ad-free which means we are able to avoid the “I want that” commercial battle. YAY!

3 great offers from Kidoodle.TV.

  • Just for you –> 25% off a 1 year subscription to Kidoodle.TV ($4.99 a month regularly). Custom discount code: BLOGHER25 (Code expires June 30, 2014).
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  1. My children’s favorite educational show is definitely Super Why! They currently use my Husbands phone to watch videos, and an Innotab and a Leappad to play educationally related games! My youngest son is two so does not show much interest but my five year old is rather obsessed and they do share together!

  2. My daughter loves “Super why.” I have never formally taught her letters, but she knows almost all of them from watching this show.

  3. My son, who is 4, loves Monster Math Squad and recently started watching Bo On The Go and loves it as well!

    For Christmas, a friend of mine gave him a few Magic School Bus DVDs because that was the show that sparked her son’s interest in science, and then my son found more episodes on Netflix 🙂

  4. I like the idea of limiting it to educational shows…she doesn’t own her own devices but we let her use them very occasionally.

  5. My 4 year old daughter has really enjoyed Super Why, especially the character wonder red who does a lot of rhyming and CVC words. We have been on a break from tv for about a month, but I’m thinking of trying out that who what where show, it sound like a good one!

  6. My niece (I don’t have kids) owns her own iPad but our family only lets her use it to play educational games. We also limit her time with it to one hour a day if she does all her chores. She shares it with the rest of the family.

  7. Our oldest uses an iPad and our youngest has an iPod Touch. They don’t share with each other.

  8. My kids have their own laptop, mp3 players and tablet. They share the laptop and tablet, for now and they also use the main, family computer as well 🙂 I think it’s important that kids learn to use technology at a young age so they can use if successfully and grow with it as the tech grows 🙂

  9. I let my son use my Ipad, but he is too young to call a device like that his own.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  10. we share one tablet… no other hi-tech goodies here! we are pretty picky about what is on tv in our house. garbage in, garbage out is the motto… and so options can be limited. i remember someone saying, i don’t let people come into my house and cuss at me, take off their clothes and do crude things, or use violence- why should i let them in and do those things just because it’s “on tv”?
    4mariemh atgmaildotcom

  11. My children are all adults now so I’m totally out of the loop regarding shows that are available for kids. I’m still in the era of Sesame Street.

  12. My daughter uses our iPad mini…we all share it as a family and have passcodes, locks, and restrictions on certain things for her.

  13. No kids so I don’t have to share.
    This looks like a great thing for families.
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. My absolute favorite educational show for my little girl is “Baby Signing Time” It’s helping her with her words and pronunciation as well as giving her a way to communicate without being able to use some of the words yet.

  15. My favorite has always been sesame street I loved that show as a kid and learned quite a bit while being entertained 🙂

  16. We let the kids watch TV and use the DVD player. On occasion we will let them use the computer supervised. They are young and don’t have their own yet, but maybe we will let them when they get older.
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  17. They both have their own tvs, my son has an Xbox live and my daughter has a laptop and smartphone.

  18. My daughters each have their own device, my preschooler a nabi and her older sister a kindle fire

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  19. I agree – we love Team Umizoomi – I don’t feel too bad about letting my kids watch some TV, I’m pretty sure my 3 year old has learned most of his numbers, shapes and letters from TV. He points out crescents, semi circles and hexagons all the time, shapes I would never think a 3 year old would know! We usually choose TV over movies since TV episodes are shorter and educational.

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