Secret Message Spy Party Invitations {Includes Secret Code}

Little M has loved spies for a really, REALLY long time. This year we took her love of spies and created a really, REALLY cool spy party for her birthday. We’ll start off today with the spy party invitations. The rest of the spy party (along with a few other spy goodies) will be posted very soon. Make sure to check back or follow me on Pinterest or Facebook so you don’t miss them.

Spy Party Invitations - Love these secret message invites!

Secret Message Spy Party Invitations

These spy party invitations were not quite as simple for me as they will be for you. I did the leg work all you have to do is print! Nice right? No matter what level of participation you want… I have the print out just right for you!

make your own secret code for a spy party inviation or print out ours

  1. Make a secret code – Little M made the code for our spy party. It was really fun and she loved that her code was used through out the party. If you would prefer to use the one we used, print this page –> Spy Party Invite Secret Code. If your kids want to make their own code print this page –> Blank Spy Party Invitation Secret Code. The easiest way to do this is to print the blank code, have your little spy fill in one side of the code, then make copies. (No one wants to fill this in 10 times.)
  2. Fold the secret code into a fun shape – We used a video on how to fold a letter into an envelope. It was easy enough that Little M folded half of them.
  3. Write out the invitation – Include a cute note at the top. Ours said “I’m a spy! I need your help for a mission, will you help me? Your first task is to decode this message. Good luck!”. The rest of the invitation was written in code (except for the numbers). Include anything you would normally include. Date, time, address and RSVP. A cute hand drawn picture of a spy would be a cute addition as well! 

*Side note: I got some great feed back on these invites. Most of the parents thought they were fantastic. A couple of them lost the code and didn’t have any of the party info. Next time I would include a slip for the parents that included all of the info written NOT in code.

Want to use this code for something other than a spy party? AWESOME!

Do you have a little one who loves spies?

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