Preschool Valentine Activities: Valentine Games, Art, and Cooking

Is your house full of pink, white, and red yet? Mine is …  homemade funny Valentine’s Day cards (each one has a special Valentine’s Day joke); heart cutouts and pink paint are being left all over. (Big M was digging through my art boxes looking for Valentine supplies a week ago… I guess he has something special in mind).

Preschool Valentine activities have been filling my feed, from Valentine’s cooking to Valentine’s Day math. I just couldn’t wait to share some of them with you!

In addition to these Valentine’s activities, you can do a Valentine’s Day open ended art activity for preschoolers and then leave the materials out for any time creating.

preschool valentine activities

Preschool Valentine Activities: 4 Valentine Games

Preschool Valentine Activities: 4 Valentine Art Projects

Preschool Valentine Activities: 4 Valentine Cooking Ideas

  • Secret time? A lot of our neighbors hand out cookies every Christmas… I don’t. One year, I felt a little guilty and made adorable Homemade Fortune Cookies to pass around in February. I think all is forgiven.
  • Sweet Heart Smores are perfect for an afternoon snack!
  • The Educators’ Spin On It even gets creative in the kitchen… these Heart Pancakes are super cute.
  • Let the kids have some fun Dipping Valentine Treats for themselves and their classmates. This one is from Not Just Cute.

Do you have a favorite preschool Valentine’s activity you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments!


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