Valentine game for toddlers – Valentine Heart Hop

Are you looking for a fun, simple game to celebrate Valentines with your toddler?  I tried out a little heart hop with Little J… what fun! All you need is a handful of red construction paper, a marker and a little space to play.  Ready for simple toddler Valentine fun?

adorable Valentine game for toddlers... so easy!

Valentine Game for Toddlers – Valentine Heart Hop

Cut big hearts out of red construction paper. I added the numbers (because including numbers in stress free environments will make them more familiar later on). What are you working on? Letter recognition, shapes, colors? Any of those will work instead of numbers for this Valentine game.

adorable Valentine game for toddlers... so easy!

Hop, hop, hop. (Such a cute little skill that takes A LOT of practice.)

adorable Valentine game for toddlers... so easy!

It didn’t take long before Big M decided to join in. I was prepared… a quick flip of the hearts and Big M could hop on the words. (Sneaking in a little sight word practice). I love it when an activity works so well with multiply age groups!

adorable Valentine game for toddlers... so easy!

Because she’s a toddler… Little J was done hopping after a few tries.  The hearts were not forgotten though.  Plop, plop, plop back and forth to the art cabinet.

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  1. I’m going to do this one with my son – it’s a perfect toddler activity. What’s more fun than hopping? I like the addition of numbers. Aiden knows most of his numbers and enjoys “counting” things, but is still working on the sequential order.

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