store bought VALENTINE bracelets

This post originally appeared on January 20, 2012.

Every once in a while I get a little bit worried that my kids are “missing out” on some of those store bought goodies like an actual doll house, a play kitchen not made from boxes, or store bought Valentines.  Of course that thought never lasts long.  We love our box kitchens and making our own dollhouses is way, way more fun!  When we started talking about Valentines and the kids wanted to buy their own boxes I decided to let them grab what they wanted.

Oh we’re still going to hand out the ones I made and the ones the kids made, so we had to think of another way to use the store bought Valentines.

We laid out the cards, ripping a couple to change the effect a bit.

Remember the bracelets from our science experiment?

Little M used some glue to attach a few of the store bought Valentine pieces.

As if this wasn’t cute enough she decided to add…

a little bling.

Big M made one for Dad… do you think he’ll wear it to work? 😉

I wonder what we could do with a store bought doll house….

This post is a part of the VALENTINE lesson plan.

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