Creative Kid Table Week 4: Playing with Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a go to activity around here. There is something calming about the sensory experience. For me it’s right up there with play dough. So for today’s Creative Kid Table it’s time to get a little messy and explore with shaving cream.

Did you catch the first three Creative Kid Table activities? We started out with TP Rolls & Googly Eyes, then we tried out LEGO in a New Way and last week was Getting Creative with Chalk.

Shaving cream play

Creative Kid Table Week 4: Playing with Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is what I call a “clean mess”. It’s really, really messy while they play, put wipes right up when they’re done. Because it’s soap it even leaves the table cleaner than when you started!

Tips for successful creative play:

  • Squirt out two large handfuls at a time and add to it as the kids play.
  • Keep a bowl of water and wash cloth close by for a quick hand wash.
  • Move it to the backyard or bathtub for even easier clean up!

Questions to get your kids started:

  • “What shapes can you make using your finger tip?”
  • “Does the brush leave the same mark from both sides?”
  • “How does the shaving cream feel in your hands?”

Which Creative Kid Table has been your favorite so far?


  1. This was such an awesome Creative Table Project. I used an empty sandbox on legs. I sprayed shaving cream in swirls on it to get them started. We had paint brushes, paint rollers and washable paint. The kids had the time of their life. They spent almost 2 hours playing with the shaving cream mixing with colors. There was a small swimming pool I filled with water so they could wash themselves off or add water to the shaving cream table. Everyone smelled so good after this Play time. My phone is packed with pictures and videos.
    We are definitely going to do this again before it gets too cold outside.

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