Creative Kid Table Week 2: LEGO in a New Way

Welcome to week 2 of the Creative Kid Table. Did you have enjoy the process of creating with googly eyes and toilet paper rolls last week?

creative kid table week 2 LEGO in a new way

Creative Kid Table Week 2: LEGO in a New Way

It’s no secret that LEGO building is a pretty big deal around here. But even as popular as it is, sometimes switching up the way we play with LEGO can inspire a creative burst.

Tips for successful creative play:

  • Separate the LEGO pieces when your LEGO lover is not around. (Just trust me on this one. The second they see you rummaging around in the pile they won’t be able to resist getting started!)
  • Try using different assortments of LEGO pieces. All yellow pieces in one bowl and only 4 x 4 bricks in another.
  • Set out a few different sized flat pieces as well.

Questions to get your kids started:

  • “Before you start, what do you see here that gets you excited to create?”
  • “Can you make a picture using the small circles on the flat piece?”
  • “What would happen if you started building and then passed the creation to your sister to finish up?”

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