Creative Kid Table Week 5: Simple Sewing

Week 5 of the Creative Kid Table is an introduction to sewing. Fun!

Simple sewing prompt for kids

Creative Kid Table Week 5: Simple Sewing

Sewing will help with your little one with eye hand coordination, fine motor skills and offer a sensory experience different from what they are used to.

Tips for successful creative play:

  • The nets we use come around potatoes, avocados and onions. There are different textures and hole size… start saving them. 🙂
  • You can find plastic sewing needles at the craft store or on Amazon. (affiliate link)
  • Use anything you have for thread. Ribbon, embroidery thread, and yarn would all work.
  • Try using an embroidery hoop to stabilize the net if your little ones are having trouble. (affiliate link)

Questions to get your kids started:

  • “Does the ribbon feel the same in your hands as the yarn?”
  • “Do you think they will look the same once they are laced?”
  • “Will you think about where to place the needle, or just place it anywhere?”

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