Make Your own Family Game Day

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One of our favorite things to do as a family is play games. We all have our favorites and take turns picking which one to play. This weekend we had a few hours to fill, so we created our very own family game day.
It was even more fun than I hoped it would be. The kids had a friend over and she said she couldn’t wait to tell her mom about the fun we had. (Mark this one kid approved!)
I know you love family togetherness as much as I do, so today I’ve teamed up with L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™ to share tips for setting up and executing a family game day at your house.
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 Family game day - everybody brings a game

Family Game Day Prep

It was important to give everyone a chance to shine. That meant picking the right games. The easiest way to pick the right games? Have each family member “bring their own game of choice.” 

Pick the games  I gave everyone the chance to choose a game. It could be a game we owned or a game they made up. Tip: if someone is using a made up game make sure to get the rules clearly understood before the game starts.

Make medals – Ours were very simple. Cardboard from an old cereal box cut into a circle, two holes punched on top and yarn tied to make them wearable. Have everyone decorate one medal for their game.

Game Training – Spend some time training each other. The person who selected the game will be the coach. This is a great way to let your kids teach you something new. Think about what tricks, strategies or techniques you use when playing this game and pass it on to the rest of the family.

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The games chosen for our family game day were:

  • Hold a bridge. Who can hold a bridge position the longest?
  • Trampoline laps. Run 10 laps around the trampoline without falling (while being showered with sprinklers).
  • Obstacle course. Fastest time wins. Time deducted for knocking down the course.
  • Putting. Closest to the hole wins.
  • Draw a face. Who can draw the most smiley faces in one minute?

Game Time

Now that everyone is prepped and excited to play… it’s game time!

Play –  Make this time extra fun. Play hard and go for the win. Competing with your kids is a great way to teach them sportsmanship and how to have fun even if you don’t win. Plus, if you play for real they know when they have really earned the win. Like today… I’m the only one who walked away with no medal. I might call for rematch.

Celebrate – Cheer each other on and hand out medals after each competition.

Family game day - everybody brings a game 

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  1. This year, make the season even more exciting by bringing everyone together to create a game day of your own and bring the family closer than any televised game could.

  2. I would bring potato sack races. So much fun and its hilarious seeing everyone fall and laugh.

  3. We love playing the ping pong ball shake game. Put ping pong balls into an empty tissue box and strap it to your waist via a belt. Shake shake shake until the balls are all out. Time to see who gets the best score

  4. I would HAVE to bring Skip-Bo because it’s a game I played all the time with my parents and grandparents 🙂

  5. I enjoy games of strategy! Some of my favorite games to play are Scrabble, Risk, or Boggle. Card games are also a lot of fun!

  6. I am not a big game person and I don’t have kids, so…hahaha! That said, I think the game Taboo would be fun for all ages! I used to love playing that as a teen.

  7. I would bring Trivial Pursuit Family Edition! We have been playing it nonstop since we got it for Christmas!

  8. Life sized Jenga!!! It’s so much fun! Everybody loves it, young or old. My kids and I play it throughout the summer, and sometimes in the winter too, in the basement. I just worry about it falling into something breakable in the house, so it’s better to play outside;)

  9. I just got my son the “trouble” pop game in the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme and it’s a total hit! i would totally bring that!

  10. I would include a game of jenga, do board games count? They’re my favorite but my family would choose outside games haha

  11. We love Minute-to-Win-It games, obstacle courses, ninja training, and board games (I’ve converted some of my favorite games, such as Clue and Cranium, to be more toddler friendly). Love this idea!

  12. We would bring a mix of video games, card games, board games and outdoor games! We love them all! My personal favorite is Taboo, my youngest son says he’d choose wrestling or football (We have 4 boys)!

  13. We like to do activities outside, so I would bring a game of Frisbee during the summer, or maybe a sledding contest or snowman building contest in the winter! My son said he would choose hide and seek. 🙂

  14. We just got ticket today ride junior for the holidays and it’s great fun! For a more active game, wheelbarrow races!

  15. A mini race car derby (maybe with small hot wheels or matchbox cars) would be fun for a family game night.

  16. I would add a sprinting contest! We do a lot of triathlons in our family and a great way to train is through some sprints. Also, sprints are fun because you don’t do them for too long so you don’t get bored!

  17. This is an easy question. When my son was younger we used to bring Tiddly Winks to family game night. This year for New Years Eve we will be staying home with snacks and having a game night. We will be playing Phase 10. It is a really fun card game, that we all enjoy.

  18. I would bring 100 wacky things to play! It’s super fun and active and you can’t help but have a blast!

  19. I would bring charades to game night. My children love playing it, especially when us adults make full blown idiots of ourselves playing.

  20. For Family Game Day, we’d bring some hula hoops and pool noodles that we would set up in an obstacle course we could run through.

  21. Our family has this fun little game we call, “Catch The Squirrel” that I’d totally take with me anywhere.
    You see, our dog’s name is Squirrel (he’s a rescue) and when he gets off his leash he takes off all around the perimeter of the yard- but WON’T go onto the road or go farther than the next door neighbor’s house. I don’t know how he knows where the yards and such end- but he’s done it at our house in TN and my friend’s in VA and our beach rental in VA Beach too!
    Nobody ever catches him, of course, we all get tired way before he does and he just comes back. LOL

  22. I would love to do diving sticks or something similar in the pool. My nieces and nephews love to swim, we just need to wait until it warms up again.

  23. I’d bring cornhole! Always goes over well at parties and it’s something that everyone can do regardless of your age!

  24. No kids. I volunteer at the botanic gardens and love to teach kids about plants and our world.
    Go on a plant finding game.
    Thanks for the contest.

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