Letter of the Week ~ Letter P ~ Picture game

I love drawing games… don’t you?  When I saw this super easy drawing picture game (Letter Sounds Pictionary) from Childhood Beckons I knew it would become a family favorite.  

Letter P was about to take center stage.  Perfect!  Set-up was a breeze.  I grabbed crayons and paper.  (Although chalk or drawing boards would work too.)

I told M and M to think of P words but not to say them out loud.  (The second part of this step was trickier than you might think. 😉 )

Big M went first and drew pizza.  Nicely done!

Little M had a little trouble (I think).  She is actually a wiz at letter sounds so I didn’t make any accommodations for her.  Next time I think we’ll do a run down of P words before we start, just to be sure she has a few under her belt.  Of course Little M tends to do whatever she feels like.  She may have known the words she was choosing didn’t start with P… we’ll never know.

There were a few moments that Big M gave his sister a hand.  (Oh, I live for those moments.)

Tips (to maximize learning):  1.  Take turns drawing pictures (you can play too!) 2.  If there is a picture that everyone is having a hard time guessing ask for a clue.

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  1. I was just popping over to catch up on your blog posts and this was such a nice surprise! I’m so glad you liked the idea enough to add it into your household. That means a lot! And Big M helping Little M is so sweet! I love that picture.

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