Family Book Club Week 4: The Secret Garden

We are halfway through The Secret Garden. Are you and your family enjoying the story? So many conversations about family and friendship have stemmed from the relationships in the book. I’m so glad we’re reading it and I hope you are too!

I would love to hear how the Family Book Club is working for you and your family. You can leave suggestions or ideas (or tell me how much you love it) in the comment section. You can also email me at

Reading Goal

This week read chapters 13-16.

Fun activities and book club discussion questions for the family

The Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activity

Chapter 13 – Activity

  • In the beginning of chapter 13 Mary decides that Dickon has sent her a message through his picture. Play a simple drawing game and practice sending messages to each other. If there are a few of you playing, one person can give a word or sentence to the younger players. Start with simple one word drawings and work your way up to sending more complex messages. Talk about when “secret” messages might come in handy. 

Chapter 14 – Discussion Question

  • Mary describes Colin as spoiled. What do you think it means to be spoiled. Do you think Colin really wants to order people around and get his way? What do you think would make him happy. (Remember that even though you may think there is a clear answer to these questions, your little one may something that surprises you. There is no wrong answer, only opinion. Of course share your opinion too!)
  • Do you think Mary is still spoiled? What has changed? Why has she changed? (Keep going with this, extend the conversation for as long as they will talk.) What is making her feel healthy and calm?)

Chapter 15 – Activity

  • Mary and Colin have fun playing games together. That is one of our favorite ways to connect with family and friends. Try a new game or get out an old favorite. Here are some of our favorite family games.
  • M and M had a lot of questions in this chapter. So instead of giving you discussion questions, I’m going to give you a challenge. IF your kids have questions, answer them fully. Go farther than you normally would. Look up answers, do some research. Ask them questions right back. 

Chapter 16 – Discussion Question

  • Chapter 16 is all about an argument. What a great opportunity to discuss what happens during an argument. Can you understand why Colin is angry? Can you understand why Mary is angry? What could they do next? Can you think of a different way Mary could have handled Colin’s anger? Can you think of some ways Colin could have shared how he was feeling that might have been less loud or hurtful?

Check in through the week. Leave activity ideas and discussion questions of your own in the comment section. Or just let us know you are reading along. Happy reading! 

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