Countdown to Moving Day Conversation Starters for Kids

We are in the process of moving. In fact as you are reading this we are probably shoving boxes into the truck. The last thing I felt like doing this week was coming up with an activity, picturing it and writing it out. But lucky me… I always feel like sharing with you. The reason that’s so lucky is that this activity ended up being a wonderful way for us to connect as a family during this chaotic time. So thank you for motivating me to do something that otherwise might have died as a glimmer of an idea.

countdown to moving day conversation starters for kids


M and M love counting down to upcoming events. Our family also loves conversation starters. I decided to mix the two. Since moving is overwhelming as it is, I wanted this to be short and sweet. Six conversation starters made into a chain. I used white construction paper and a pen. No need to get fancy with this one.

Both of the kids were excited to see the conversation chain appear on the table. I guess it’s been too long since we’ve had a good set of conversation starters.

I had a special question for each day, so on the outside of each ring I wrote the day it should be read.

Countdown to Moving Day Conversation Starters for Kids

  • 6 days left – Share a favorite memory of life in this house.
  • 5 days left – Share something you will NOT miss about your house and one thing you will miss.
  • 4 days left – Make a list of 3 things you must have on the first night in the new house. (I took notes. 😉 )
  • 3 days left – What are you excited about for the new house?
  • 2 days left – How do you feel? How do you feel about the boxes around the house? How do you feel about the busy days ahead?
  • Moving day is tomorrow – Talk about plans for the next few days. Discuss where everyone will be and what jobs everyone will have.

I better get back to packing! If you have some ideas for moving day conversations, leave them in the comments!


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