Family Book Club Week 3: The Secret Garden

I’m scrambling to get this post written this morning. I seriously underestimated the time unpacking and organizing take when you move. Silly me. 

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Reading Goal

This week read chapters 9-12.

Secret Garden Discussion Questions and Activity

Chapter 9 – Discussion Questions

  • After reading chapter 9, make predictions about what will happen if someone finds out Mary has been in the garden. Do you think anyone will ever find out? How long do you think she’ll be able to keep the garden a secret?
  • Mary has never learned how to tend a garden but she starts working all the same. What is something you have taught yourself to do?
  • Martha says “Our Dickon can make flowers grow on a stone wall.” What do you think that means? What does it say about Dickon?

Family Book Club - Week 3 - There's still time to join in!

Chapter 9 – Activity

  • Use a book or the internet to search the flowers that Martha tells Mary about. Which ones have you seen before? Which ones do you like the best? Take the activity one step further and set up an invitation to draw. Both kids loved doing this. Little M even suggested labeling the flowers in her drawing. What a great visual to accompany the book! 

Chapter 11 – Discussion Question

  • Dickon finds out some pruning has recently been done in the garden. What do you think this means?

Chapter 12 – Discussion Question

  • In chapter 12, Mary meets Mr. Craven. Before reading about their encounter, talk about what you think he will be like. After reading about it, talk about the differences between what you thought would happen and what did happen. Were you surprised?
  • Dickon and Mary are starting a friendship. Think about a close friend and talk about what it was like when you were first meeting. How did you meet? Were you friends right away? Did you have similar things in common?

Check in through the week. Leave activity ideas and discussion questions of your own in the comment section. Or just let us know you are reading along. Happy reading! 

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