Easy Homemade Halloween Decoration: Monster Frames

I love to use kid art for holiday decorations. Halloween is no exception. Not only do we end up with easy homemade Halloween decorations… they also become built in keepsakes. (As long as I remember to date them of course!)

These frames are my two favorite things to pull out every Halloween. This post originally appeared on September 16, 2011. M and M are so little!

Easy Homemade Halloween Decoration - Monster Frames

I saw this adorable monster frame from A Diamond In The Stuff and I couldn’t get to the craft store fast enough.  Of course around here it’s not the Mama that does the creating.

Easy Homemade Halloween Decoration - Monster Frames

Easy Homemade Halloween Decoration: Monster Frames

I bought everything at Michael’s Craft Store (the frame was only $1), I’ve provided links to similar products on Amazon. These links are affiliate links.

What you need:  unfinished wooden frame, paintgoogly eyes, craft fur, fabric, hot glue (or white glue).

easy homemade halloween decorations for kids to make

Little M painted her monster frame first. She loves the process of painting and cares very little about the end product. Everything she paints eventually turns brown from mixing. Since I knew I wanted this for a keepsake, I only let her pick two colors for this.

After a little cutting, drawing and planning…she glued on her monster face. (Using a black marker to add detail was her idea.) I love, love, love how Little M approaches art with an abstract style.  I watched her put this together and she really concentrated on where she wanted each piece to go.

Big M started off gluing on some black fur. His monster face is easy to see an came together pretty quickly.

Easy Homemade Halloween Decoration - Monster Frames

Didn’t they turn out adorable!? I love how different they are. All that’s left is to add last year’s Halloween pictures and we have the perfect easy homemade Halloween decoration!

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  1. Hi Jill,
    This is totally adorable and so unique. Love it. Yeah, her approach to putting each piece thoughtfully is quite interesting.. .. 🙂
    I’m sure my daughter will love making such a frame.
    Great idea.

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