Toddler MONSTER ball game

Toddler Tuesday will be dedicated to those curious, quick, and fun little people that toddle all around.  Some of the posts will be brand new, some will take an activity that I did already and make them toddler friendly…. but they will all be playful and educational.

Did you see this mornings post?  How fun right!?!?  Of course knowing that N and J would be coming, I had to do some quick marble pick up and make this game into something that all four kids could enjoy together.

what you need: construction paper ~ box ~ box cutter ~ markers or crayons ~ glue ~ wiffle balls (golf ball size)


I did the same thing as with the Monster Marble Game, but made the holes bigger.

N enjoyed reaching in and finding the balls just as much as she liked
throwing them into the holes.  M and M liked the change, but flipped it back to the marble side as soon as the little ones left for the day.

This post is a part of the Monster lesson plan.


  1. How cute! I’m very excited about your Toddler Tuesdays! I’ll soon be teaching a 1-2 year old mommy and me class, so I could use some great ideas! I have been teaching 3-5 year olds for the past 15 years, so this added class will be something new for me. 🙂 Also, I have a 9 month old who loves boxes…this may be something we could put together at home. Thanks for the great post!

    1. How exciting! I loved teaching preschool and I think a mommy and me class sounds like so much fun! I hope you’ll be able to use some of my ideas.

  2. Hip hip horraayy for toddler tuesday! 🙂 so excited I have been trying to switch your ideas to be more toddler friendly due to having an almost 2 year old. So happy that you will have some already :))

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