Nature Art Project Perfect for a Sick Day

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Can you believe that it has only been 1 month of school and both kids have already stayed home sick? We are currently fighting off the second round, which means I need to get in a good hand washing activity to remind them what they should be doing.

Last week Big M was home with me and he had a great idea. He wanted to go for a short walk so he could collect materials. He had a plan, but I did not have any idea what it was. The walk alone seemed to be helpful. He was tired of laying on the couch. The fresh air did us both good.

Nature art project (2)

Before we dive into Big M’s very creative nature art project, let me share a little bit with you about our sponsor. Dr. CocoaTM is a NEW cough and cold medicine for children 4-13 (6-13 for the Nighttime Cough and Cold Relief formula). Its patented formula blends trusted, effective ingredients with 10% real cocoa for a rich, soothing, chocolate taste.  Medicine that tastes like chocolate? Um… that’s smart!

Make sure to keep reading after the activity. I’ll give you links to some information we will all need this cold and flu season!

Nature Art Project Perfect for a Sick Day

Start with a walk (we did our’s in pj’s but you can get dressed, if you want). Bring along a bag or basket for collecting items. Collect anything that you can find. Leaves, sticks, flowers, seed pods, pine cones and pine needles all made it into our bag. (Along with a few stow aways. I carefully took anything with legs or wings back outside.)

Once back home, set up an inviting table for crafting with your nature materials. I had Big M head back to the couch to rest while I worked on making a pretty creating space. It’s so important to mix short bursts of energy with rest when kids aren’t feeling 100%.

Nature art project (3)

Use bowls, baskets or other containers to sort the materials and spread them out. Offer glue, glue sticks, tape and a hot glue gun. I cut the side of a cardboard box for him to use as a canvas. A cereal box would have worked well too.

That’s it. Leave the nature art project available all day. Suggest your poor little sicky visit whenever you think they need a break from laying down.

More about Dr. CocoaTM

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What are your favorite sick day activities? 

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