Mom’s Christmas List… Updated

Have you been wondering if I was able to complete my Mom’s Christmas List?

Here is my 2012 Christmas Wish List… updated!

1. Finish the stockings that did NOT get finished last year.

Hmmm… don’t think it’s going to happen AGAIN! I should put it on my to-do list for May. Then they might actually get fixed.

2. Bakebakebake… and ummm BAKE!

I did a lot less baking than I was hoping to, but I did make the Egg Nog Cream Pie. It was YUMMY!

finished cake

I also whipped up a little something special for my niece’s 6th birthday party. So I think I’ll check baking off the list with a plan to enjoy some more goodies in January.

3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights as a family.


We looked at a lot of lights. M, M and I even joined their cousins for a tour of lights from a boat. Fun and chilly!

4. Follow the Creative Christmas Countdown.

I did my best to keep up. There was so much great stuff. We picked a few and I’ve bookmarked a lot for next year.

5. Two dates with Hubby. One for shopping and one for hanging with friends.

Check and Check. I took Hubs out for his first Indian meal. We are both hooked. Luckily I have such awesome Facebook friends! They helped us pick our dishes.

6. Watch WAY too many sappy made-for-TV holiday movies.

I watched so many holiday movies I just might be sick of them… or not!

7. Update my Christmas album… I need to add last year before I need to add this year! Hopefully these layout tips will help.

I finished up my album really early and even picked up a new one to start filling with this years pictures.

8. Read a Christmas chapter book with M and M.


We read Goliath’s Christmas. It’s one my mom found at a yard sale over the summer. The story is cute and pretty short. It’s weird to think that both M and M will probably be able to read it on their own next year! 

9. Play Who or What am I? with the kids. I love simple and fun games.

It was the perfect Christmas Eve game! We played with M and M’s cousins. This is one we’ll play again.

10. Work. (Okay I know that doesn’t sound fun, but if I can really follow my plan for December I will have 2 months off to follow. Don’t worry you will not be left without playful learning idea! ;) )

I was able to find the perfect balance between work and play. Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on what you can expect from A Mom with a Lesson Plan over the next 2 months. 

11. Listen to as much Christmas music as I can!

Baby It’s Cold Outside is my favorite this year. I especially love it sung by Zooey Deschanel. Does she have an album? I could listen to her all day! *** Could not stop thinking about it after writing this so I checked. She does have an album!!! She & Him. I bought it. Merry Christmas to me.***

12. Enjoy some Christmas Science.

NO!!! Can you believe it? We just didn’t have time. Luckily we have another week or so before the kids go back to school. I’m sure we’ll get to have some science fun.

13. Read The Nutcracker, watch The Nutcracker, and play The Nutcraker soundtrack while Little M dances. I think she will love it!

We read the book but that’s about it. Little M just wasn’t into it this year.

14. Decorate a REAL tree. We’ve had an artificial tree for the past few years, but this year it will smell like Christmas.

I did not help decorate the beautiful tree… but I did watch while everyone else decorated it. That counts.

christmas tree

He had to stand on a chair to lift her high enough. Yahoo Costco! 

15. Find a way for our family to donate.

The school did a really neat donation. They filled 6 stockings per classrooms. I liked that the items were all pretty inexpensive. For those who want to give, but don’t have much it’s the perfect way to donate. My sister’s girls spent their own money, which was possible because of the items requested. AWESOME!

 Make a 2012 family ornament. Like this Photo Christmas Ornament or this Embroidery Hoop Ornament.

Hmmmm…. we ended up with a ton of awesome kid made decorations. That will be good enough!

17. Deliver goodies to the neighbors.

Last year I ran out of time to make goodies for the neighbors at Christmas and delivered Valentine goodies instead. Maybe that will be my tradition. 

 Make sure I get a kid-made present. I love this kitchen towel with your kids art and I just happen to have some towels ready to go in my art cabinet. :)

I made two towels. One for my grandma and one for myself.  I LOVE IT!

19. Color under the tree, like I used to when I was a kid.

We had a sick day just before Christmas. Both M and M missed their last day of school :(. I tried to make the day as fun as possible. Coloring under the tree just seemed like a perfect activity.

20. Drink lots of Christmas flavored tea. (I’m loving the Gingerbread Cookie tea I have right now.)


 Ask hubby very nicely to give me a pedi (since I can barely reach my toes). Doesn’t this Paraffin Wax treatment sound fantastic?!?!?

I didn’t ask. He’s been working so hard lately and he already does so much for me.

22. Wear comfies all month. :)


23. Reflect on 2012… wow it’s been amazing! And dream about 2013… it’s going to be even better!

I think I need to do a little more of this in January. (That’s what my little break will be for).

 Paint pretty nails. (Or at least try… she sure does make it look easy!)

Ha ha… I did not have time to paint them, let alone sit long enough for them to dry!

25. Make sure there are many moment of relaxation mixed in with the crazy chaos.

December has been both productive and relaxing  I was able to enjoy the magic of Christmas while working hard. I think I’ll give myself a little pat on the back and pour another cup of that warm tea!

What was on your wish list that you were actually able to make happen?

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