6 Yummy Kid Friendly Chicken Recipes for Summer

Living in California means that pretty much any time of year is grilling season. Of course during the summer the barbeque becomes our favorite way to cook. And we are into summer! You can tell by all of the summer activities floating around.

We always eat a lot of chicken and it seems like we eat even more of it when the grill is involved. When Foster Farms® asked me to team up with them I knew exactly what needed to be done. On a recent survey, 85 percent of Millennial parents indicated that their criteria for buying meat and poultry has changed over the last several years; 42 percent cited having a child as the primary reason.  Foster Farms® new line – Simply Raised (without antibiotics) is locally grown on West Coast and available at major supermarkets in California, Oregon and Washington. All Foster Farms fresh chicken is American Humane Certified.

Our usual chicken meals need a bit of a mix up, so I went in search of kid friendly chicken recipes that Hubby and I would also love. I am very excited about what I found.

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

First up is a new favorite at our house. Simple, simple, simple. Isn’t that the theme of summer?

Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs

What you need: 3 or 4  chicken breasts (we love Foster Farms® Simply Raised Breast Fillets), teriyaki sauce, a whole pineapple and skewers.

Cut 3 or 4 fresh chicken breasts into bite sized chunks. Marinate in teriyaki sauce for 3 hours. We used a store bought sauce.

The kids have been practicing knife skills so we let them cut the pineapple.

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

*If you are using wooden skewers make sure to soak them for at least 30 minutes before loading up the food.

Pattern the kabobs with pineapple, chicken, pineapple, chicken. (Of course you can always let the kids help and arrange the bites in whatever pattern they want.)

Lay the full skewers on a cookie sheet until they are ready to make their way out to the grill.

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

Heat the grill. Kabobs will take about 3 minutes on each side when cooked at 350°. Flip them once.

Eat these kabobs straight off the stick while enjoying the outdoors OR serve them with potatoes and enjoy some dinner conversation around the table.

5 More Kid Friendly Chicken Recipes

kid friendly chicken recipes (#4 will be a big hit at our house)

Do you have a favorite grilled chicken recipe? 

This post is sponsored by Foster Farms®, the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. We grill the whole bag of chicken then put serving sized portions in zip locks, then another larger ziplock, then keep them in the freezer. No need to start the grill when you want chicken

  2. This is an amazingly simple way to make teriyaki chicken on the grill! My kids love teriyaki anything and pineapple, I think this one they’d actually eat.

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