2023 Gifts for Kids Who Love Minecraft

Minecraft Gifts for Kids | 10 Minecraft Gifts to Buy & 10 to Make

At a glance: 33 super cool Minecraft gifts for kids, some you can buy and some you can make!

The toy bins at home are overflowing with toys that are barely touched.

Staring at an aisle of toys you know will have the same fate makes gift shopping less fun than it should be.

Whether it’s Christmas shopping or birthday presents, the perfect gift is one that will be loved and treasured… and used.

Anything with a little Minecraft flare has the best chance at our house. Is the same true at your house?

Don’t miss our super practical (but still fun) stocking stuffer ideas.

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33 minecraft gifts for kids who love minecraft.. what a fun list

There is a good mix of really cool Minecraft gifts that will have your kids excited to move away from the video game… for a few minutes, anyway.

Minecraft Gifts for Kids – Gifts You Buy

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10 Gifts to Make for Kids Who Love Minecraft

  • Creeper Shoes – These creeper shoes from Candace Play Forth look easy enough for even a non-crafter to make!
  • Minecraft Pillows – My little ones would love to snuggle up to one of these no-sew Minecraft pillows from Surviving a Teachers Salary. And if you like to sew, these would make an easy sewing project.
  • Creeper Plush – I love that this stuffed creeper from Marmalade Forest is oversized! You will need a few sewing tools for this one.
  • Minecraft Deskset – If you have a little one who loves working at a desk AND loves Minecraft, these DIY pencil holders from Red Ted Art will be perfect!
  • Dirt Block Sugar Scrub – I bet this Sugar Scrub from Halle Cake would make an awesome party favor or stocking stuffer!
  • DIY Torches – Simple, fun pretend play has always been a winner at our house. These Minecraft Torches from Twitchetts look like so much fun.
  • Crochet Animals – If you have a little crochet know-how (or want to learn), give these adorable Minecraft Crochet Animals a try.
  • Fabric Blocks – Another easy crafting project that could be done as sew or no-sew. I could see these fabric Minecraft blocks from Making a Life being used as decoration… or as a fun toy.
  • DIY Swords – More pretend play! YAY! Diamond swords, like these from Twitchetts are a must-have for any Minecraft fan.
  • Wall Block Art – Surprise them with a new Minecraft Pig from Instructables or collect all the supplies as a gift. Then create the wall art together.

Do you have a favorite Minecraft gift? Share in the comments.

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