Egg Painting Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Easter is just around the corner. I’m almost ready, but I think there is a bit more egg painting in order! I’ve rounded up a few awesome egg painting ideas for kids of all ages… enjoy!

12 egg painting ideas for kids of all ages

Egg Painting Ideas for Kids

Egg Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Toddler activities are so fun! Keep them simple, keep them quick and don’t worry about the end result (although these egg painting ideas will still give you a wonderful result).

  1. Coloring eggs with bleeding tissue paper from The Artful Parent is perfect for little fingers (and might be a good way to get some cutting practice in).
  2. Using a medicine dropper is great for finger muscle control. I love the way Chocolate Muffin Tree used them to make bright glitter liquid watercolor dyed eggs.
  3. For little artists who prefer not to get messy, painting Easter eggs in a bag from No Time for Flash Cards is the answer. (Although mess lovers will like this activity too!)
  4. This fun idea from Happiness is Homemade let’s the kids move the egg to create marbled Easter eggs. So fun!

Egg Painting Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschool years are full of wonder, excitement and imagination. These egg painting ideas reach everyone of those points and will be a huge hit for the preschool crowd.

  1. Pairing an activity with a book is something we love to do. Painting blown eggs after reading The Paintbrush Bunny was a fantastic project!
  2. This fun (and creative) egg painting idea from Art for Kids! uses crayon melting to paint eggs.
  3. Pink and Green Mama used a poured paint technique to make beautiful poured paint eggs. The color mixing effect makes for some very unique eggs.
  4. Volcano egg dyeing from Toddler Approved uses vinegar and baking soda to paint eggs…  ummm… need I say more?

Egg Painting Ideas for Big Kids

Big kids have been through Easter a few times and they know how to paint eggs. These 4 painting ideas add enough of a twist to make painting eggs extra COOL this year! YAY!

  1. I love the watercolor paint and pencil Easter eggs Alisa Burke made. What a fun way to get creative with a really pretty outcome!
  2. These nail polish marble Easter eggs from Henry Happened look like so much fun to make and have a GORGEOUS end product!  
  3. Who doesn’t love puffy paint? Make and Takes used it to make neon Puffy Paint Easter Eggs.
  4. Okay, so these silhouette Easter eggs from Le Papier Studio are really impressive. But they look a little too difficult for young school age kids. I think a slight alteration would make them doable. Maybe having the kids draw and cut out simple designs themselves?

If you are blowing out eggs check out these 3 easy tricks for blown eggs from Tinkerlab. These adorable egg carton chicken cup Easter egg holders from Red Ted Art would be a great way to display any of your painted eggs.

What is your favorite egg painting idea for kids?

This post originally appeared April 15, 2014.

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