Tips for Getting Girls Excited about Science

It wasn’t until having kids that I really found a love for science. I think what really brought me around was seeing that science ties into so many other aspects of my kids’ growth.

It’s been especially exciting to watch the way my daughter interacts with science. What’s more fun than girls and science? She loves insects and messy science experiments. She loves to ask questions… and then find the answer.

girls and science... how to inspire a lifelong love

Today I’ve teamed up with Green Works who is bringing science to your door with StemBox, a monthly subscription box designed for girls ages 7 – 13.

Green Works, the shockingly powerful cleaners derived from the strength of naturally sourced ingredients, is excited to help the next generation of female scientists unleash their power and discover their natural potential.

Tips for Getting Girls Excited about Science

Teach the scientific method. Teach the bones of scientific method through play. Turn a simple question into a full blown experiment, form a hypothesis and make predictions while your little one is involved in playing. Then remember to talk about how things turn out, did your prediction match the end result?

When kids understand how to conduct an experiment it makes it very easy for them to explore questions they have during play. And the best way to keep kids engaged is to let them lead!

Provide really neat activities. Of course the best way to get any kid excited about something is to introduce it through cool activities. Helping girls get excited about science is no different.

We were lucky enough to try out the March STEMBox Lemon Battery experiment. The box included everything we needed to turn on LED lights using lemons! (Lemons not included.)

STEMBox is a monthly subscription service aimed at young girls, providing different hands on science experiments and concepts each month to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) Click through to see next month’s box – Aviation. SO COOL!

Allow for frills. When it comes to girls and science… there is plenty of room for learning and frills. If your little one loves pink and lace and jewels, add them to your science fun.

Like I said my daughter loves to be fancy, she spent the first 5 years of her life in the fanciest dresses she could get her hands on. She was allowed to wear those fancy dresses whenever she wanted. Sometimes that was in the mud or during very messy science experiments. I honestly don’t know if she would have joined in if it meant changing out of the clothes she felt most comfortable in.

Introduce female scientists. Provide lots of opportunity to learn about female scientists. Pick up a new scientist book with every library trip. Here is a great list of books about women scientists. If you daughter (or son 😉 ) shows a special interest in a certain scientist, expand on it by finding more books and planning activities based on what they are known for.

You can also make a point to find and share stories like this one with your future scientist…

It was a female scientist, Maria Ochomogo, who led the team that created the laundry and household cleaners that make-up today’s Green Works line.

STEMBox is a monthly subscription service aimed at young girls, providing different hands on science experiments and concepts each month to explore STEM

A portion of proceeds from each March Green Works StemBox subscription will be donated to AAUW, The American Association of University Women, to continue their work of empowering women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

For more information on Green Works and its continued support of Girls in STEM visit

How do you encourage a love of science with your girls? 

(PS for those avid A Mom with a Lesson Plan fans… you may have noticed that these pics did not include my Little M. Thanks to my sweet niece Sky for joining in today.)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Works . The opinions and text are all mine.