Disappearing SHAPES

I love this activity.  It’s so simple, and free. . . I love simple and free.  It takes only minutes to set up and there isn’t even a mess to clean up after. . . my Hubby likes that.

What you’ll need: A small blanket or hand towel ~ 6 to 10 Household objects ~ tray

To prepare this activity you can either set up the objects on your own or let your kids help you collect the objects.  I let the kids help and boy were they creative (I labeled the shapes in case their vision didn’t come across clearly.)  In a cookie sheet or shallow tray, place 6 -10 objects.  Use things that are simple with obvious shapes.  For example; an envelope for rectangle, a lid for circle, a toy pizza slice for triangle, a coaster for square, a leaf for oval, a star fish for star, etc.

Make sure that the kids get a good look at what is on the tray, and where it is located. Cover the tray of objects with a blanket (it is important that all of the objects are completely covered.)  Now put on your magician hat and wave your imaginary wand over the covered objects.  “Abra Cadabra Ala Mazee, take one away. . . which one can it be?”

As you are waving your hand over the blanket, sneak your other hand under the blanket. Note the picture of my sneaking hand lifting the circle.  *note to self, if you are going to take pics of your hand. . . get a manicure! *

Pull the blanket up, keeping the object hidden under it.

Point to the cookie sheet and ask one of your kids, “Which one is missing?”  When your little ones make their guess, they may be wrong. . .they will probably be wrong, at least until they get the hang of the game.  A simple, “Oh, good guess.  Actually the triangle is right here!”  Once they have guessed correctly go ahead and reveal the shape.  If your kids are having a hard time guessing, give a couple of clues about the item; where they would use it, what color it is, etc.  As your little ones get better at the game try adding more objects or taking away 2 at a time!

Tip (to maximize learning): 1. This game is great for a lot of different themes.  You can find all items of different colors, everything that starts with a certain letter, things found in the kitchen, the list is really endless!  Because it is so easy to put together it also makes a great “I need to kill a few minutes before lunch” activity.  2.  Let your kids have a turn being the magician.

Questions(to ask your kids):  “What other objects could we have used?”  “Look around the room, what shapes do you see?”

Okay this ones easy so go. . .then come back and tell me what items you used.  Go on!

This post is a part of the SHAPES lesson plan.


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