SHAPE Collage

Shapes are one of the things parents just naturally teach their kids.  Use this activity to review the shapes your little ones already know and introduce some new ones.  If you can  wait; this activity is a great follow up to Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  I’ll be reviewing it on Friday!

what you’ll need:  Large Shape Tracers ~ pen ~ construction paper ~ scissors ~ glue

Print out shape tracers, cut them out and trace the large shapes onto construction paper.  Make several of each shape and size.  (To make sturdier tracers, use a manila folder or poster board to make tracers.) Give your little ones a whole piece of construction paper, glue and the shapes.  Let them start creating their collage.

Tips(to maximize learning): 1.  If your kids are younger, trace all of the shapes and cut them out ahead of time.  If you think they are old enough to get some experience tracing and cutting; cut a few extra sturdy tracers and let them give it a try.  (You should still cut most of them; unless your little one really likes tracing and cutting they will probably be ready to move on after only cutting a couple of shapes).  2. Repeat the names of the shapes over and over, your little one will pick them up quickly. 3. If there is a certain shape you know that your kids have trouble with, focus on that one.

Questions (to ask your kids)~  “I notice you put a circle in this corner, tell me about that.” “Which shape will you use next?”  “What is your favorite shape?”

Note ~ When I was preparing this activity I was picturing my kids gluing these shapes into cool scenes.  That is NOT what happened.  It’s really important to step back from your well laid PLAN and let your little ones take the lead.  After all, kids learn best when they are following their own plan.

Little M ran to the art cabinet and returned with (no surprise here) a pink sparkle pencil.   Before she attached any of the shapes she wrote a note in her special Little M writing.  At this point all of her writing resembles a mountain range, she practices so often that when she does decide to write actual letters she should have no problem making the pencil do what she wants.

I think she might have glued some of the shapes into a  house and tree, but I’m not sure that was intentional.

Big M wasn’t interested at all, he did stop by to demonstrate how he would do it if he was interested.   I think I’ll put the envelope full of shapes in their art cabinet and see what they create over the next week.

This post is a part of the SHAPES lesson plan.


  1. My daughter is three years old your idea of teaching shapes is really fabulous. i really like it.

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