hopscotch a new way . . .SHAPE Scotch

We had A LOT of rain in December, so as soon as the sun came out we ran outside.  What better way to get bouncing than a game of hopscotch?  Since we’re working on shapes, I mixed it up a little.  Shape Scotch may be my new favorite game.

What you’ll need: Chalk

Hopscotch with a twist!  All you need is a little sidewalk space, chalk and two eager jumping feet!  Draw out several of your favorite shapes, as you can see I didn’t get out a ruler.  Big M started helping, and drew a square.  Little M added a circle (when she surprised herself by drawing an S, I surrounded it by stars).

Make sure the shapes are big enough for your little one to land in and close enough for them to get from one to the other easily.  Once you have the shapes drawn, write the shape’s name in the center.  (Circle, square, triangle . . . you get the idea).  Have your kids stand in front of the first shape.  Start off by having them hop from shape to shape.  Next, give them a destination.  “Hop to the circle.”  Once they are really good at that, add a little extra jump to the game.  “Can you hop on all of the shapes, except the square?”

Now get to hopping!  You’ll  have fun and be able to check exercise off your to do list!

Tip ~ If there is a hard surface in your yard that the kids are frequently walking over, draw your shapescotch there.  You might find them hopping through the day!

Questions ~ “Are any of the shapes similar?”  “What differences do you notice between a triangle and a square?”  “What can you tell me about a rectangle?”

This post is a part of the SHAPES lesson plan.



  1. This is so clever. We are just starting to learn shapes and remember what they are called so this will be perfect. Can’t wait to try it out.
    Thanks for joining the outdoor play link up!

  2. Featured you this week on the outdoor play link up cause I liked this idea so much. And we tried it out!! It was a big hit.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. My boys would love this. Right now they’re hopping on our stepping stones, but they’re just aren’t enough of them to satisfy their love of jumping. My 3-year-old is obsessed with counting at the moment, so I might add numbers into the shapes instead of words. Thanks for the idea!

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