Easy Peppermint Playdough and Christmas Accessories

I love homemade playdough and try to make sure we always have some on hand.

One of the great things about play dough is that it is so simple to change the experience by changing the accessories.  Playdough Sensory and Color and Animal Print Playdough are two great examples. You can also add free printable Christmas playdough mats.

Winter is a great time to have a little extra fun with playdough and playdough accessories. Does anyone want to build a snowman?

How to make peppermint playdough (and fun playdough accessories)

Easy Peppermint Playdough

What you need: Playdough (Try out the best no-cook playdough recipe you can make with (or without!) a stand mixer), peppermint extract

Swap the peppermint out with Ground Cloves Playdough Recipe to extend this activity.

Tip #1 – The recipe that I followed asks for the peppermint extract to be added after the playdough is made.  I added it while the playdough was cooking and liked that better.  (I used about 2 teaspoons.)

Tip #2 – For those of you who would rather not make your own play dough, store-bought can be transformed into a sensory wonderland as well!  (I had to add quite a bit more of peppermint extract to cover the store bought smell, but it did work!)

Christmas Playdough Accessories

Getting creative with playdough accessories is fun! For this project, I wanted to include everything the kids would need to build snowmen as well as some extra Christmas goodies.

Accessory ideas

  • Sticks.
  • Felt cut into scarves.
  • Buttons.
  • Acorn tops.
  • Pebbles.
  • Plastic candy canes. (The little ones pictured above were part of a candy cane chain.  I just cut them apart. We used the beads that connected them too.)
  • Plastic snowflakes.
  • Glitter. (Glitter is not my favorite, but I can handle it when it’s tucked neatly into playdough. Let your little one sprinkle it straight onto the playdough and knead it in. All the sparkle, none of the glitter mess.)

Do you have any Christmas playdough accessory ideas to add?

This post originally appeared on December 11, 2011 as a part of Creative Christmas Countdown.


  1. Great post! I love all the holiday themed items you set out to play with! I want to play with all that stuff too! 🙂

  2. I love this post! I ran a similar post the other day and didn’t even realize it- although, I’ve never cooked my own play dough before! Beautiful pics!

  3. My daughters would love playdough with peppermint extract… particularly if they get to eat candy canes at the same time. Thanks for the idea.

  4. We did this activity today and liked it even better than the gingerbread man hunt (also a hit). My three-year-old and his 2-1/2-yo friend had a blast, especially with the bowls of twigs and buttons and with cookie cutters. The cooked play dough recipe was easy to follow and felt great to work with. I don’t think I’ll go back to store-bought … too many extracts to try. (Though next time I need to remember to check against evaporation before starting the recipe. Turns out my full bottle of peppermint extract had, over time, dwindled to a half-teaspoon.) Glitter in play dough was a new idea for us, too. I’m not sure the kids noticed it much, but I loved it.

    1. I love it!!! So glad you tried out home made. It is really the best way to go. The twigs and buttons are so fun. Did the play dough still have a peppermint scent?

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