7+ Family Activities Perfect for Simple Family Fun

As a family, we have always been big on downtime. When the kids were younger, we carefully selected outings and enrichment activities so that the bulk of our time was spent at home… together. It was wonderful, and because of it, family bonding time just happened naturally.

Everything is changing, though. With growing careers, hubby and I are finding ourselves working more. The kids are also getting older. They want to play sports, join plays, and play with neighborhood friends. All of these things seem like the natural next step, but they leave us rushing around.

It suddenly became clear that we were in very serious need of a family connection boot camp. Hubby and I need to be intentional about spending quality time as a family, or it just flat out isn’t going to happen.

Love these simple family activities! I can make #3 happen right now.

7+ Family Activities Perfect for Simple Family Fun

  • Play a Game. We love games. It’s one of our go-to ways to connect as a family. Pick an old favorite or learn a new one. Connecting tip: Some games only require a few minutes. Here is a list of games divided by the amount of time you have to play. Find a few that you like, that are short, and you always have an easy way to connect, even with only a few minutes.
  • Solve a puzzle together. Collaborating on a puzzle can be a great way to come together. Try virtual escape rooms, an escape room kit, or this DIY escape room for kids. You can decide how much time and space for effort you have, and pick one that’s just right for your family.
  • Family Art Project. Set out a collection of materials. Crayons or colored pencils and paper. Collage materials or paints. Instead of just setting enough space for the kids, make it a family event. We love creating together, and I bet you will too.
  • Run Errands. Errands are the perfect time to be together. Go out together or make it a “date” and take one kid. You can make it mother son activities or mother daughter activities. Connecting tip: Talk, be silly, and spend a little more time than you need on each errand. It’s more fun that way.
  • Look at Baby Books. Kids (and adults) love to remember. Get out the baby books and reminisce about the baby stage. Tell stories about what it was like to have a brand-new baby.
  • Teach a Skill. What are you really good at (or kind of good at but love doing)? Baking? Sewing? Photography? Hold a family workshop and take turns teaching everyone else something new.
  • Serve Together. Find some family-friendly volunteer opportunities. You can do this on a regular basis or a couple of times a year. Creating and then using a random acts of kindness jar could be a simplified version of this.
  • Just Play. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is sit down when the kids are already engaged. Find out what they are up to and join in.

These seven family activities are some of our favorite ways to make sure we are connecting.

Is finding time to connect a challenge in your family? I would love to hear more about it in the comments. What struggles do you have? What’s working for your family?


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