Unique Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

After sharing the practical (and fun) stocking stuffer ideas for kids I realized that I am not the only one who values gifts that will actually be used.

Today, we’re not talking about gifts for kids, though; this gift guide is specially designed for Grandma and Grandpa with practical and thoughtful gifts they will love… and use.

These gifts for Grandparents are great for Christmas and would work for grandparent birthdays too!

You’ll find everything from setting up a virtual game experience to keep you connected all year to melted crayon Christmas ornaments that Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy during each holiday.

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Christmas Gifts for grandparents

4 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa

  • Decorated Mug – I’m a sucker for a pretty coffee mug. Because it’s something they will see and touch every day, it’s a great way to give Grandma and Grandpa a smile to start their day. This Sharpie mug technique includes some great tips in the comment section.
  • Tea Towel – We made these kid art tea towels for Mother’s Day one year. I made sure I got one too. All of us moms used them for a very long time.
  • Golf Balls – How fun would golfing be with these pretty golf balls?
  • Art Lamps – These art lamps are just beautiful and would make a great practical gift for Grandma and Grandpa to enjoy every evening.

4 Practical Christmas Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa

  • Art Frame – Lil Davinci Art Cabinet is a beautiful way to display and easily change the artwork. Give this frame with a beautiful picture for the holidays, then make a point to send your little one’s artwork to Grandma and Grandpa once a month.
  • Memory Book – Years ago my sister found these great memory books for our grandparents. They loved it! And we loved looking through the carefully filled-out pages. I couldn’t find the exact ones we used, but Memories for My Grandchild looks pretty close.
  • Digital Photo Frame – A  digital photo frame is a perfect gift to keep Grandma and Grandpa up to date with pictures. Load the memory card and give the picture frame full of precious pictures. Then you can easily add pictures throughout the year. Don’t forget to include a few pictures of art!
  • Cutting Board – I love this DIY personalized cutting board. Not only do I want to make one for the grandparents… I want one too!
  • Wall Calendar – My sister makes amazing calendars for our parents. This wall calendar looks easy to put together.

4 Fun Christmas Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa

  • GrandBox – GrandBox is a way to show Grandma and Grandpa that you love them every month of the year. The monthly delivery kit comes as a fun gift box filled with items that center around a theme. The bonus is that you can have personal items like notes and pictures added in.
  • Photo Blanket – Last year my sister and I got together and bought our parents a big photo blanket. We used one of the family favorites of all five of our kids together. It was a huge hit… and is still displayed on their couch.
  • Send a Hug –  For kids whose grandparents are far away sending a hug in the mail can be a great way to connect from a distance.
  • Silly Book – Have you read How to Babysit a Grandpa and How to Babysit a Grandma? The reviews on both books are wonderful. What a fun Christmas gift for grandparents.

5 Stocking Stuffers for Grandpa

Any of these items on these two lists of stocking stuffers could be used for Grandpa or Grandma. What a treat it would be to surprise Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas morning.

  • Magnet Photo Frame – This small magnetic frame is perfect for a toolbox or fridge. Fill it with a holiday photo and then an updated school picture every year.
  • Things I love about Grandpa List – Make a list of all the things each of the grandkids loves about Grandpa or use this Mini Book with easy-to-fill-in prompts.
  • Photo Bookmark – There are so many ways you could make a photo bookmark, I especially love how cute these ones are, DIY Photo Bookmarks.
  • Best Grandpa Socks – Socks are always a good and practical stocking stuffer filling. These Best Grandpa Ever Socks are so much fun.
  • A Virtual Game – Include 6 dice and the rules for 10,000. Then make sure to schedule you’re first virtual game before heading home.

5 Stocking Stuffers for Grandma

  • Letter – Have each kid write a letter to Grandma on pretty paper.
  • Wooden Music Box – These little wooden music boxes would be a fun way to add some music to Grandma’s life. There are a lot of song choices.
  • A Locket – Fill a pretty locket necklace with a sweet picture or message she can keep close at all times.
  • Fingerprint Magnets – I found a lot of variety when I searched for fingerprint magnets but these were my favorite because they add a touch of kid creativity.
  • You taught me…Is there something little your kids could make to showcase a skill Grandma taught them? For us, it might be a little sewn ornament or a watercolor bookmark to highlight their special bond.

6 Ornaments for Grandparents

  • Super Simple Tree Ornament – This very easy fingerprint tree ornament is the perfect way to give Grandma and Grandpa something special.
  • Air Dry Clay Ornaments – Kids can get creative with the shape, color, and design of these air dry clay ornaments.
  • Babies First Christmas Ornament – Make an adorable baby bottle ornament to include Grandma and Grandpa in baby’s first Christmas.
  • Fingerprint Snowman Ornament – These cute snowman ornaments also hold your little one’s fingerprint.
  • Handprint Ornaments – Give the grandparents a special gift of a handprint ornament.
  • Melted Crayon Ornament – This melted crayon Christmas ornament is both beautiful and simple.

Do you have a favorite practical gift for Grandma & Grandpa? What are the best gifts you’ve given? Share in the comments. 


  1. oh my goodness, that sending a hug gift is too cute!! My mom lives a few states away so this would be a fun thing to do with my son. Love this idea 🙂

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