ABC’s of Storytelling… A – E

Today and for the rest of this week I am sharing something FANTASTIC with you. This Reading Mama has put together an ABC Series that is going to give you a ton of information to get 2013 started off just right. Playing and learning!

There are 60+ Bloggers Participating in the ABC Series  and each of us is offering a different theme. I will be sharing with you the ABC’s of Storytelling, a topic close to my heart.

Most of us are have broken this series into 5 days (although you will find some that have packed A-Z into one post). I’ve started with A-E and will continue for the next 5 days until you are overloaded with information!!! YAHOO! What a way to start the year right?

So get ready to do some serious reading! Start here and then follow the links below to see all of the The ABC’s of Literacy posts.

ABC’s of Storytelling… A – E

Storytelling is one of my very favorite things. I love making up stories with the kids, reading stories with passion and creating storytelling activities. Storytelling can be so simple to master and offers incredible learning opportunities. I want this series to help make storytelling an everyday part of your life!

A is for Adapt
Adapt the stories you already know by heart.

One of the easiest ways to get started with storytelling is to adapt the stories you are already familiar with. You can use stories from books you’ve read again and again or stories that were told to you when you were a kid. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The  Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood are some examples to get you on the right track.

Tell the story like you normally would but change a few things to make it your own. What else could the bears be having for breakfast? Can you expand on the description of the woods Little Red Riding Hood is walking through? Perhaps the Three Little Pigs have a good reason for leaving home… what is it?

Pause and ask the kids questions while you tell the story, change it according to what they say.  The story can take on a new life every single time you tell it!

B is for Bath
Make bath time into story time.

There are a few places that kids are kind of “trapped”. Where there isn’t a lot of movement, where their bodies are calm and relaxed mostly because they have to be. The bath is one of those places. Even if their hands are occupied, they won’t be getting up and darting away from you unexpectedly. This makes bath time the perfect time for storytelling.

When Little M was younger one of my favorite things to do was sit next to the bath tub while she played. Sometimes I would start a story and we would work our way through it together. Sometimes I would read a book to her while she soaked. The memories I will treasure the most though, are the ones where I didn’t say a word.  I became the captive audience in her story play (although I’m pretty certain she forgot I was there). Using her bath toys she would weave her own tale, always descriptive and original.

You can help facilitate this type of bath time storytelling by creating an experience with props and bath toys.

 C is for Cards
 Storytelling cards can help get the story rolling.

 Storytelling cards are awesome for getting beginning storytellers started. They are also great for adding a little something to stories created by more advanced storytellers. So I guess I would recommend storytelling cards to anyone!


We turned making storytelling cards into an activity of its own, surprised? Check out about how to Make Storytelling Cards and how to Use Storytelling Cards. Storytelling cubes are another variation to cards. Here are couple easy to make Story Cubes and Imagination Dice.

Of course, if you would rather buy some there a lot of really neat options available.

Once Upon A TimeeeBoo Tell Me a Story Creative Story Cards – Mystery in the Forest
The Storymatic Kids
Rory’s Story Cubes

D is for Descriptive Words
Brainstorm descriptive words to use in future stories.

I love this post on using light in storytelling (post is no longer live ;( ) . Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing takes advantage of a dark and stormy night to encourage a brainstorming session… but you don’t need to wait for thunder! Use the same idea of comparing two events, places or objects and get busy brainstorming.

The exercise alone will stimulate some great vocabulary. To take it a step (or two) further try brainstorming descriptive words right before you start a storytelling session. Or keep a journal full of descriptive words for future stories!

Possible topics to brainstorm.

Sounds, smells, sights inside your house.
Sounds, smells, sights outside of your house.
Different forms of transportation.
Amusement park.

E is for Ease into it!

This goes for both you and your kids! Storytelling is a skill. It takes practice. The more stories you tell the stronger your storytelling skills will be… the better your stories will be. The same is true for your kids. If their stories are short or don’t make sense, it doesn’t matter. Listen as though it is fascinating enough to hold your attention… they will get more practice if they are comfortable enough to tell you another story!

Next up… ABC’s of Storytelling… F-J.

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  1. I love the idea of using bath time for story time! I’m looking forward to your post. My kids love when I tell them stories but I don’t do it enough. I’m excited to get some ideas on storytelling this week!

  2. My kindergartener LOVES for me to tell stories, and I always feel so self-conscious trying to make them up. I love the idea of the storytelling cards and am looking forward to making some with her!

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