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I am so excited about this STORYTELLING lesson plan.  Storytelling is one of my very favorite things to do and my silly Niece T is one of my very favorite people to make up a story with!

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on Kid Made Storytelling Cards.  Of course now that you have them made you’ll need a few tips and tricks for using your storytelling cards!

Using Storytelling Cards
(Teaching kids the basics.)

  • Before you get stared talk about the different parts of a story; beginning, middle, and end.  Talk about specific parts in their favorite story as an example.  (To go further mention a different type of story as well.  Does it still have a beginning, middle and end?)
  • Have the storyteller pick a card from each category:  character, setting, problem and object.  (This is all about creativity so be flexible.  If the storyteller wants to use all of the cards, go ahead and let them.  Then model 4 cards with a story you tell yourself!)
  • Once the storyteller has picked the cards ask them to think for a minute about how each of these cards can be used to create a story.
  • Listen, and make mental notes of certain parts of the story.  This is an important step… even if the story makes no sense!
  • Once the story is finished, ask questions.  “What color was the pail?  Why was the girl running?  Did the goat ever find the missing shoe?”  These questions just might soak in and help your little storyteller expand on the story he/she tells next time! (Plus it really shows the storyteller you were paying attention.)

Using Storytelling Cards
(To tell your own story.)

  • Pick 4 cards:  character, setting, problem and object.
  • Think before you start.  This will help you come up with the bones of the story.  If you have the bones the meat is easier to fill in!
  • Add details (and voices 😉 ).  This is a great place to add to your little ones’ vocabulary!
  • Vary the lengths of your stories.  Some can be very long, while others might be short and sweet!
  • If you get stuck ask your audience for advice.  (If you already practice storytelling it will be easy for them to jump in!)
  • Have fun and remember your story doesn’t have to be worthy of an award… I bet you’ll receive “ohhs” and “ahhs” from your most important fans.

Make these storytelling cards a part of your everyday story time.  You just might find that you have a storyteller just as creative and captivating our little Cousin T!

Add any storytelling tips you have into the comment section!

This post is a part of the Storytelling lesson plan.


  1. You knew you were going to get me excited with this one! I have NOTHING to add other than it’s wonderful!

  2. I pinned this shortly after you posted it. What a great idea! We did this today with kids from 5 yo to 20 yo (40s, if you want to count us old lady moms). Everyone had a blast. Granted you go some “interesting” ideas from the teenager, but if was a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing.

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