ABC’s of Storytelling… K – O

We have now reached day 3 of the ABCs of Storytelling. YEAH! Have you learned a lot so far? I know writing this has stirred my brain and rekindled the storytelling flame around here. I hope the same is true for you!

K is for Kits
Let storytelling kits help create storytelling opportunities in your home.

A storytelling kit can provide an opportunity for your little one to practice storytelling on their own. There are many different ways to put together a storytelling kit and you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make it happen.

For kits that set the stage to tell a story that your storytellers are familiar with, include objects that represent parts of the story. There is no need for things to match exactly. (Remember a big part of storytelling is using your imagination!) Here are three examples of stories turned into storytelling kits; The 3 Billy Goats GruffThere’s a Dinosaur in the ParkRecycle Box Story Box (notice that The Good Long Road used items from her recycle box!).

A storytelling kit doesn’t have to be based off an actual story though. Throw various objects into a bag (or box) and suddenly you have all the storytelling prompts you’ll need. I especially love Little Moments idea of using leftover items to create a story starting box! More examples of this are Tell a Story Bag and A Story in a Bag.

L is for Listen
Really listening to your storyteller is really important.

I have mentioned it in other letters of this storytelling series but I want to make it really clear that REALLY listening is an important part of storytelling.  Really listening means that you are engaged. (No phone, computer, TV, checklist of to do’s playing in the background.) All of your attention on the story.

Show that you are listening by

~ Asking questions.
~ Sharing facial expressions that match the story.
~ Retelling bits of the story later to your spouse (in ear shot of your little one of course).


M is for Meaningful Reading
Bring books to life with meaningful reading.

Books are an important part of storytelling, there is no doubt about that. Pointing out the parts of a story while you read will help teach kids how to put a story together on their own. You can easily take reading up a notch, making the experience even more meaningful! Kim from Little Stories shared a great post here on A Mom with a Lesson Plan about meaningful reading.

Some books are easily turned into a play and others come to life by adding a few simple storytelling props. Every time you bring a book to life you are practicing your storytelling skills (and so is your little one)!

N is for News
Use the news to inspire a story.

 If you are looking for storytelling inspiration, you may not need to look any farther than your front porch. Inside your local newspaper you will likely find a bit of news that will bring on questions and ideas. And you know what, questions and ideas are at the very core of storytelling! I love this News Inspired Storytelling post from Royal Baloo. They found a lighthearted news article about a space shuttle be transported and turned the tables a bit. Creating a story from the space shuttles prospective is brilliant (and doesn’t it sound like fun)!

O is for Outdoor Storytelling
Take your storytelling outside!

In part one of the ABC’s of Storytelling I suggested that the bath would is a good place to practice storytelling because kids are confined to a small space. Well outside the opposite is true. There is room to move, room to explore and room to make a story in a BIG way!

One spring morning Little M and I sat swinging in the backyard. A butterfly flew overhead and the story was on. We went back and forth creating a garden adventure. The sights and smells around us all the inspiration we needed.

Outside storytelling can be that simple or you can enhance it a bit with some backyard adventure storytelling supplies.

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