Water Color Paintings – Easter Art Activity for Kids

When my lovely nieces are over I like to prepare at least one fun activity.  S, T and J were here last week, after some active outside time I slowed things down by setting up the art table.  With Easter around the corner I thought Easter paintings would be perfect.

Easter Art Activity for Kids – Water Color Painting

the set up
large white construction paper
water colors

the “rules”
draw a large Easter type picture
cut it out
decorate however you want




(Cousin J’s demonstrating the Toddler version.)

I showed them a few new techniques.  Like taping the paper before painting.

I admired their techniques.  Like Cousin T drawing the line before painting it.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again I love it when kids are so confident in their work that 5 of them can sit down at the same table, with the same materials and all leave with different works of art!

Have you done any Easter art activities yet?

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  1. I love open ended art. I like how you gave them a purpose though. Some kids struggle with starting because they can’t narrow down what they want to do. Did they all get right to work, or was there still some thinking to be done?

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