Valentine Card Ideas We Love {super cool and candy free!}

We’re going to keep the theme for Valentine’s day this year “candy free”. The little Valentine gifts we’ll be giving the kids will be candy free and so will the cards they’ll be handing out. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of adorable Valentine card ideas out there. I’ve rounded up 10 that are sure to make you ohh and ahh.

What a fun list of Valentine card ideas! I think the secret message ones are my fav

Candy Free Valentine Card Ideas We Love

  • Design Mom has a great idea for turning a book of MadLibs into a bunch of MadLib Valentines. Super cute and super easy.
  • What would Valentine’s be without a neighborhood scavenger hunt? These ones are specially made for the friends closest to home.
  • Is the mustache craze over? Sometimes I miss the boat on trends. Just in case you think this Mustache Valentine from Craft Monkey is as cute as I think it is, I’ll throw it in.
  • Glow Stick Valentines are inexpensive and really easy to put together. Delia Creates even includes an adorable printable!
  • Love dinosaurs? How about baking soda + vinegar? Oh yeah… then you will LOVE these Erupting Valentines from Fun at Home with Kids.
  • Little M is a secret agent. Seriously you should see her eyes light up when someone mentions spies. These Secret Message Valentine cards from Small + Friendly have her name written all over them!
  • Scratch Art Bookmarks from Teach Mama are perfect for a class full of readers.
  • Use your kid’s artwork to make these DIY “You Color My Heart” Valentines Cards.
  • What’s easier than car painting? Coffee Cups and Crayons has the right idea using a fun and easy art method to create these ‘Wheel-y’ great friend homemade Valentines. There was a time when Big M always had a car in his hand… that was before Legos of course!
  • Ha ha ha! This whoopee cushion valentine from Super Mom Moments is way too cute for words (and includes a free printable). I think this one might be my favorite. Does that surprise you? 😉

Bonus idea!

Your turn! Do you have a candy free Valentine Card idea to share? Leave it in the comments.


  1. LOVE this list!!! We don’t do candy valentines either so this is a great resource for us!!! Thanks so much for including our car valentines, they are a special favorite of ours!

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