using nature to create art…SUN prints

When Little M and I were having fun in our Mud Pie Kitchen she brought out a stack of purple paper for taking orders.  They were left outside for a few days, and Little M uncovered a great accidental experiment. The paper had changed colors in the places that the sun touched, but stayed the original bright purple in the hidden places.

The finding gave me an art idea.

what you need:  construction paper ~ objects ~ sun

We collected a few objects from around the yard, and placed them on the paper.

The flower and leaves blew away…. so I’d say next time only heavy items.  Or perhaps some tape tucked underneath.

We left the papers outside for the day and when the sun was setting we found…

I think we’ll try Sun Prints again.  Maybe next time I’ll suggest the kids try to make something with the objects.


  1. What a terrific, easy idea! 🙂 I just found your blog and I’m loving it so far. Bookmarking ideas all over the place. Thanks so much for sharing your stuff!

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