Simple DIY Coloring Sheets the Kids will LOVE to make!

Do you ever print out coloring sheets for your kids? There are so many free ones online, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a moments notice. For Little M it’s different every time, but Big M’s request is always the same. “Mom find me a truck.”

For our creative kids it was time to try something new. One day when my sister and her girls were over I sat all 5 kids down at the art table. We were going out to dinner later that evening and I wanted them to make their own coloring sheets to take with us. WHAT?!?!? They were beyond excited.

DIY Coloring Sheets

Making them is so easy (you know how much I love easy). The biggest problem we found was that once the kids got started they didn’t want to stop! I now have a huge stack of kid-made coloring sheets ready to go for a rainy day. 🙂

Kid made coloring sheets. smart!

Tips for making Coloring Sheets

  • The first time we did this I had the kids draw with pencil. Then I traced over it with a permanent marker. That was a little more work than I really wanted to do. The next time I had them just use the permanent markers. That was better but without the option to erase a few sheets were wasted. If you have a perfectionist on your hands… you should probably use pencil first.
  • We talked about coloring sheets the kids have used. “Do they have a lot of details or a little?” “What makes them fun to color?”
  • I threw out a few theme ideas to get them started the first time, but the second time they knew exactly what they wanted to draw. (You might suggest: summer, school, transportation, book characters.)

Kid made coloring sheets. smart!

  • Once they are finished the kids can color them in as is or you can copy them. We scanned ours and saved them onto the computer so we were able to print out as many as we wanted.
  • Use these coloring sheets as a gift, as a collaborative project for siblings or to entertain the kids for the long wait at a restaurant.

Kid made coloring sheets. smart!

Cutest coloring sheets ever, right?!?! Can you guess which one Big M made? These coloring sheets were made by my nieces and my kids (Ages ranging from 3 -7 years old).

 This post originally appeared on June 24, 1013.

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