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We have had so much fun practicing sight words this past few months and Big M passed his purple words last week.  YEAH!  I don’t know if the teacher will give him more words to work on or if we will be moving to a new area of reading.  How exciting!!!

Here is a round up of AWESOME sight word activities that are both fun and perfect for sight word practice.  Feel free to attach any sight word activities you love in the comment section.

Notimeforflashcards calls this a Gross Motor Reading Game – Pizza Delivery.  It think it looks like so much fun and would be an awesome way to practice sight words.  Just make the street names match the sight words you are working on!

Over at filthwizardry they have a great way of  re-purposing Duplo bricks!  Wouldn’t that be a really fun way to practice spelling out sight words?!?!?

Teachpreschool posted Digging up letters to work on name recognition.  Replace names with sight words and you have a new way of practicing sight words.


I love this Sensory Table on a budget that notjustcute shared.  What a fun way to practice spelling!

EberhartsExplorers uses this for a Literacy work station.  I think M and M would love playing this game!

I actually copied this Pre-primer sight word graphing idea and made graphs for Big M’s teacher.  Themoffattgirls did a much better job than I did!

I think I will use this parking lot sight words from Juggling with kids as a refresher for all of the sight words Big M has learned.  He LOVES cars and parking lots!

Now you have a lot of ideas… get busy working on those sight words!!!


  1. These are so helpful for me right now! Thank you for your wonderful round-up! I am working as a kindergarten reading intervention teacher and have been using sightwords printed on notecards with a pile of clothespins with each letter printed on them. The students match up the letters and clip each corresponding letter on to the card! They love spelling out their words and we are working on fine motor!

    1. Wonderful! I am planning to do that exact activity to work on spelling with Big M. (p.s. Always glad to see you Nicole… I am touched that you are still with me;))

  2. Hi Jillian, I love your site! I found you on Pinterest with your sight word parking lot. We’ve been playing with sight words a lot lately, and I knew my little ones would love your parking lot idea. They had a great time playing and it has already been requested to be part of our Family Game Night. Thank you for sharing!

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