SIGHT WORD boxes… for school or home

As I mentioned in yesterday’s How to Volunteer post… helping in the classroom is not going to work for me this year. No problem. I sat down with Little M’s Kindergarten teacher to see just how my skills could benefit her classroom. Sight words are a specialty of mine, so we decided that sight word take home boxes would be the best fit! YEAH!

sight word boxes to use at home or school

I picked up these great plastic containers at the dollar store. For the games that didn’t fit I used a large plastic bag.

Since these are meant for parents to use at home I included directions and tips for successful sight word play.

sight words

Mrs. V specifically asked for a Check Out Sheet for easy box tracking. Great idea! I simply stuck a piece of tape on the bottom of each box. Using a permanent marker I wrote a number, the name of the game and which sight word group it would work with. Then I printed out a checkout sheet. The hardest part of the entire thing was writing up the directions. So I thought… since I’ve already done the work why not pass it on to you?

Sight Words Box Contents and Directions

Twister Sight Words ~ Includes 3 pieces of sidewalk chalk and Twister Sight Words Directions  I made two of these boxes.

Puzzle Sight Words ~ Includes 1 dollar store puzzle made into sight words game and Puzzle Sight Words Directions.

Parking Lot Sight Words ~ Includes cars bought at the dollar store and labeled with sight words using masking tape.  Large piece of construction paper made into a parking lot, each space labeled with sight words and Sight Word Parking Lot.

Catch the Sight Words (modified from Balloon Storytelling) ~ Includes a small, foam football from the dollar store and covered with sight words. Also includes Catch the Sight Words Directions.

Of course I made more than 5 boxes. You’ll have to wait for the rest though. I’m so mean! Make sure to sign up for weekly emails so you don’t miss any. (I’ve moved over to Big M’s first grade teacher and will be sharing some spelling games too!)

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  1. Do you have any ideas for a kindergartner who needs help with letter recognition at home? We’ve tried the repetitive reviews and he is just getting bored. I don’t know what to do to get him interested enough to want to learn them.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    1. Hi Kayla, We play letter games all the time. I have a section specifically for letters of the week. There you will find activities for specific letter recognition as well as activities for letter sound. Also most of our sight word activities can be used for letters, just put letters in the place of sight words. Try focusing on 5 or 6 letters at a time rather than overwhelming him with all 26. Let me know how that works!

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  4. I am a Title I teacher for kindergartners, and I send home games with my students to play at home with the family. I have sight word games as well as other literacy games. I allow the students one week with the game as families are busy and one week they can play the game over and over to work on that skill. Unfortunately, some don’t get played. Thank you for sharing your game ideas as I need more; I have 30 students.

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