Letter of the Week ~ Letter B ~ Blue Balloon Bounce

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Letter of the Week ~ B ~Blue Balloon Bounce

what you need:  balloons (preferably blue… but use what you have) ~ sharpie

I wrote Bs on all of the balloons with a sharpie.  On some I wrote uppercase Bs and on some I wrote lowercase bs.  Then we took the party out front.  I gave the kids only two instructions.

1.  Bounce the blue balloons.
2.  Say as many B words as you can while you bounce.


The balloons went all over the yard, and the kids had a blast chasing them down.

I thought the best part was the B sound face.  There was a lot of Buh…


Buh… going on.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  I blew up a bunch of balloons before we started, that way when one popped I had a quick replacement.  2.  When the b words started to slow down I would suggest a category.  “What foods start with a b?”  “Can you think of any animals that start with a buh buh B?”  3.  If your little one is just learning their letters, you say the words while they bounce.

Click here for the Letter B Bubble Art Activity to go with it!


  1. hi! I am commenting due to the fact that you asked for them:) This is a great website! I am not commenting on this particular lesson, but wanted to leave one about the friendship bread activity you have on this site… My 2sons are in 2nd and 3rd grade…they had Thanksgiving parties last Fri. I volunteered to host them. 1 of the activities I wanted to do was Amish Friendship Bread. Fun, educational, and in the giving/thankful spirit…I looked through a few websites and then i came upon yours:) So lovely! Thank you for the wonderfully written instructions, recipes etc. Also the presentation(ribbon, friendship note) was very pretty and meaningful. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ 🙂 It was a hit! It was also much more appealing than just a ziplock full of goo_lol

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