4 Creative Ways to Get Kids Reading This Summer

Have you started preparing for summer? I’ve already started getting our summer plans in order. When I work on a summer plan for our family, having fun always plays a big part. But having a good time isn’t the only thing that is important.

I also want to make sure they are doing what needs to be done to keep them learning and growing. That way they can start up the next school year confident and ready to jump right back in!

Reading hits both the fun and learning category!  Since I know reading is as important to you as it is to me… I’m sharing some creative ways to get the kids reading this summer. I’ll give you 5 tips and then you can add your own tips in the comments! Sound like fun?

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Creative ways to get your kids reading

4 Creative Ways to get Kids Reading this Summer

Audio Books. Audio books are a great way to get reading in when you have a super-busy schedule. We’ve always loved audio books in the car. Not too long ago my sister and I took the kids on a day trip. All 5 kids…in one car. Yikes!

On the way there they listened to Magic Tree House, Book 46: Dogs in the Dead of Night and on the way back they listened to Magic Tree House, Book 47: Abe Lincoln at Last! Can you believe it? Each book actually ended as we exited the freeway. It was such a nice way to entertain the kids, get reading in AND  for me to spend some time chatting with my sister.

*Extra tip: When you sign up for a free 30 day trial with Audible you get two free audio books!

Pair a Book with an Activity. Adding an activity is a fun way to bring a book to life. Some of our favorite book activities have been Charlotte’s Web pizza night, Magic Tree House “tree house” and It Looked Like Spilt Milk Paint Blots.

Family Reading Time. Pick a book that even your newest reader can read. Take turns reading. As the kids’ reading level increases, so can the length and difficulty of the book. Big M is timid about reading out loud. This is a great way for him to get practice in a safe environment.

I have a confession. I dream of reading lengthy chapter books with my kids as teenagers. I know it’s possible because some of you have told me it happens at your house!

Put Books Everywhere! This tip has a pretty funny back story. When Big M was first learning to read, I could not get him to pick up a book for independent reading. No matter what I tried I could not get him excited about reading on his own.

One day my sister (who works as a parent helper in his classroom) told me he tested above grade level for reading. I could not believe it. Knowing that this was a challenge we were facing she questioned him about when he was practicing. His response? “My mom put books in the bathroom.”

My point? Put books everywhere you can think of, you never know what spot will be the perfect spot to get your kids reading!

Creative ways to get kids interested in books (I love # 4)

Alright, those are my 4 tips… it’s your turn to share your tips for getting kid to read.

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