practice fine motor skills with COLOR CLIPS

I came across a bag of clothes pins and couldn’t resist.  They only cost about $2 and I figured I would find something fun to do with them.  They sat in my art cabinet for a while before I found their perfect match!

what you need: wood pieces ~ tempera paint ~ cloths pins

I found these wood pieces at Joann’s for $1.60.  The bag contains 6 rectangles.    I am so excited about this little package, imagine the projects that will come from them (you know once I buy out their stock)!  I painted 3 of the rectangles.  Each with 3 colors.
I painted one board red, orange, and yellow.  One board blue, green, and yellow.  The last board I painted red, purple and blue.  I painted clothes pins to match.  I divided the clothes pins by six so each color would have the same amount.
Little M had no trouble using the cloths pins, and quickly clipped the pins to the matching color.  Big M used them a little differently.
He loves patterns.  Making them is one of his favorite things to do.  He got started on this pattern right away.  It’s one of the most elaborate pattern’s I’ve seen him make.

:  1. Paint only the very tops of the clothes pins, otherwise they stick together.  2. This activity is a great one to leave on the table for a week.  I piled them into a plastic container and left them on their kid table.

Any ideas of what I should do with the other 3 rectangles???


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  2. omg i love this! this is such a great idea for working on fine motor skills… i’m thinking i might have to have it to repost on my site??? love it!

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