make your own COLOR BINGO game

We love to play games so when I was thinking of a fun activity to add to our color lesson plan, Color Bingo came to mind.  It was easy to make, and it will be even easier for you (since all you have to do is print it out, do a little cutting and apply contact paper).

what you’ll need: Color Bingo Cards ~ scissors ~ contact paper ~
construction paper (optional)

To prep Color Bingo;  print out Color Bingo Set, cut the first 2 pages in half, cut  the Bingo Cards on dotted line and cut out Bingo Markers.  To make the boards and cards a little thicker, I backed each piece with construction paper before covering them with contact paper.  Use contact paper to cover all bingo pieces.  Now that the game is ready all you have to do is play!

Give each player a bingo board and 9 markers.  Turn over one bingo card at a time.  Everyone places a marker on the color that is turned over.  The object is to get a line covered by markers.

Tips(to maximize learning): 1. Instead of having an actual winner introduce some new words!  Have a first finished, second finished, third finished and forth finished.  2. You don’t need four players, or even two!  If you want your little one to play this game alone, show them how to race the boards.  Which board will come in first?

I hope you are enjoying color week!  Did you try Color Clips yet?  Tomorrow I’ll be posting Mixing colors and Thursday we’ll explore color with Gelatin squeezers.


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