Mommy Fun Fact #8 ~ learning to read starts with story time

#8 learning to read starts with story time

I’m sure you have heard how important it is to read to your kids when they’re little.  With very little effort, you can make story time an even greater learning experience.

Drag your finger below the words as you read them.  This gives your little one the sense that the story comes from the words.  That you are actually reading words, not just making up your own story.

Stall on a word once in a while and really sound it out.  No need to make a big production about why you are doing it, your little one will be soaking up your actions.

Engage your kid with questions, while you are reading.  Ask what they think will happen next, ask why they think the author chose to end the book the way he did.

Point out parts of the book while you are reading.  I always start at the title page and read both the author’s and illustrator’s names.   You can also note the binding, the cover, page numbers and dedication.

Practice reading comprehension by quizzing your little one after a book.  I usually close the book in my lap and then look at Big or Little M.  I’ll ask questions about what the characters were wearing.  What happened just before an important part of the story.  If they can remember a specific number of items on a certain page.  They always surprise me at the details they pick up, I think they pay close attention because they know I’m going to ask.  Of course once they answer give them back the book and have them check to see if they were right!

Just typing these up makes me want to run to the bookshelf.  Happy reading!

This post is a part of the Mommy Fun Fact Series.


  1. This brought back found memories of when I was a kid and my mom would read me stories. These are great tips!

  2. When we read together, I ask my kids what they think the story will be about just by looking at the cover. If we have read it before, it is great practice for recall.
    I also teach my kids that it is ok to guess words by looking at the illustrations- all reading strategies are ok as long as they work. So I might read part of a sentence and ask for the missing word- the clue is in the picture for pre-readers, and beginner readers can sound the initial etter and guess from the picture. This gives kids a lot of confidence in their ability to read.

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