OCEAN book review

We have been reading ocean book after ocean book this week.  Here are the three ocean books we liked the best.

Wow! Ocean!

by Robert Neubecker

The art in this book is bright and colorful.  Each page is full of sea life.  The creatures are easy to recognize and identify.  Little M had a great time looking for the scuba diving dog on each page.  There are words, but they are very simple, aimed at younger readers.  What I liked was that the illustrator labeled each ocean dweller.  On the page that showcases jellyfish, 15 different types of jellyfish are presented.  The same is true for rays, whales, sharks, shells etc.

We used this book when we made our OCEAN aquarium.


By Trudi Strain Trueit

I had no idea there were so many different types of starfish!  The pictures are photographs, and you get a real sense of their habitat.  The words are simple, in place of some words there are pictures.  That is good news for us!  In our house we have a beginning reader and a (not so far behind) Little M, who wants so badly to be reading along with her Big M.  With this book she was able to help with the reading.  PHEW!

Colors of the Ocean

By Laura Purdie Salas

What a fun way to see colors in action.  I love how the photographer captured every color you would find at the beach (even a rainbow colored umbrella!).  Each picture is paired with a short explanation.  Sea life facts are weaved in and I think I learned a little bit.

Is that a purple slug???  Oh yeah, Little M wishes she could cuddle up to one of those little guys!

Do you have a favorite ocean book?

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      1. Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward is my favorite Ocean book. The song is in the back of the book. I bought various shades of blue material with different textures. These act as the waves for the Ocean as children (or child) goes through the ocean and pretends to be each animal. I also have the kids echo me as I sing: “Swim said the mother” Kids: “We swim” said the…

        Anyway, just love this book. Thanks for all your great ideas for an ocean unit!

  1. We also read Wow Ocean for our ocean unit, but I think Anna’s favorite was MSB on the Ocean Floor. My favorite was a fictional story – A Snail and a Whale by Julia Donaldson.

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