Letter of the Week ~ Z ~ Zipper Prints

I had planned to marble paint zebra prints on the Letter Z, but it seems like we have done so much marble painting lately.  So I asked for help on one of my favorite forums WeTeach.  Zippers and Zeros were suggested.  I grabbed a spare zipper and we got busy decorating our very last Letter of the Week.

Of course if marble painting zebra stripes sounds good to you, find marble painting techniques here or here.  If you use black paper and white paint zebra stripes will appear with just a little shake, shake, shake.

what you need:  Letter Z ~ construction paper ~ glue ~ tempera paint ~ zipper ~ tray

Big M was the artist for this Letter of the Week.  I set the Letter Z, the paint and the zipper in front of him…but said nothing.

He started out trying not to get dirty.  Hee hee…so different than Little M.

Didn’t take long for him to get his hands into it.

I think this might be the messiest painting Big M has done in a long time.

What a fun painting experiment.  We tried to think of as many Z words as we could while he painted.

This post is a part of the LETTER series.


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