my CHRISTMAS wish list

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As December was approaching I started to collect ideas of how to make Christmas extra special for all of the people around me.  Fun activities for the kids, treats for friends and family, and of course gift ideas.  I decided to make sure I didn’t leave one very important person out of this planning…. ME!  So I compiled a list of 25 things that are on my wish list!

1.  Read Christmas books by the fire with M and M.
2.  Catch up on my Christmas Scrapbook.  (Just one year to go!)
3.  Drink lots of homemade Hot Cocoa.
.  Watch It’s A Wonderful Life at least once.
5.  Snuggle with my Little M while she still fits in my lap.
6.  Make myself a scarf out of old tees.
7.  Listen to Big M read.
8.  Hold my Hubby’s hand.
9.  Write my dear friend Lacy a handwritten letter.  (It’s way overdue.)
10.  Gingerbread Man Hunt
11.  Wear slippers as often as possible.
12.  Day dream about what 2012 holds for us.
13.  Take a quick RELAXING trip with my Mom.
14.  Watch Little M dance to Sugar Plum Fairies (wishing it wasn’t the Jingle Cats version!)
15.  Drive around and look at lights.
16.  Wake up before everyone, turn on the lights and enjoy the quiet.
17.  SHOP!
18.  Finish reading The Lion, Witch and The Wardore, then plan a fun movie night.
19.  Listen to Alabama Christmas over and over.
20.  Bake Christmas sugar cookies with M and M.
21.  Finish the Christmas stockings I made 6 years ago.  (The lining is not attached… silly me.)
22.  Go on a date with my Hubby (kid free).
23.  Spend some quality time with my Nieces.
24.  Get lost on Pinterest.
25.  Remember that none of these said anything about stressing, cleaning, or overdoing!!!

Curious if I was able to make it all happen? Check out the Updated Wish List.

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